do u wanna see ur death?

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while the photographer is taking a shot of his family...he didnt notice a gunman behind and is aiming the gun to shoot him.....


the photographer is dead....with a shot on his head....

do u wanna see ur death before u die too???
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No I do not.Who wants to see it coming?dunno
hi mary...this is just coincidence....and the photographer is still lucky helped the case resolved.....wave
Did the shooter say why he shot the photographer?
politics!!!!u know what it means!!!uh oh
Hey n and e,we are justconfused laugh laugh
dervish its not a surprise..ur always confused.....tongue peace
wave Nice,,, For the photographer his last memory was a happy family,, for the family a permanent reminder,, hug I want to yawn sleep and not wake up!!
ltd....i dont wanna see my death either!!uh oh
N&E,are u coming from battlefield. laugh laugh
used the photo for evidence, right Ateh? grin

Embedded image from another site

cheers grin
Nice picture, lovely meoow and lovely baby.but the tail is far away from the baby. laugh laugh
@dervish....I advise you, don`t mess with me. I know karate, kung fu, judo, tae kwon do, jujitsu, and 28 other dangerous words ....grin grin grin grin grin grin peace
The guy in the background, however seems to be looking at the shooter! Wow! what a thing to happen, in front of family?
@el...yes it is....this really happened and the investigators used this pic for solving the case!!it helped a lot!conversing
I remember well a car accident I had about ten years ago...the van was flipping over and trees coming closer very quickly...was as if in a split second my whole life memories flashed by...I came out safe, but it did feel as if I had looked death eyes for a few answer your question: No, I prefer not to see my own death.
thats scary willem...glad u survived.... dont wanna see my death coming either.....comfort
I dont wanna see my death....
this is really scary...

ingat lagihug
Hi.. sorry to say but if you can avoid posting such pics and incidents that give further negative impressions to our country...
It would be nice so i can have a party, like a birthday party but i will call it a deathday party.drinking wine beer
why not focus on something good
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