thy neighbor's husband.....!

she left the kids and her husband to work in another country .....

and now this man(her husband) is kinda annoying me....

he stayed outside my house in the wee hours of the morning after getting drunk at night.....blues

staring at me when i go out .....(hmmm maybe he doesnt like my make up....too colorful or too pale....dunno )

whenever i pass by their house....and he knew that its time to leave my house for work , he would rush to their doorstep and say "take care" mumbling

and because im nice but not so easy....i would smile back but at the back of my mind my head there's this words i want him to hear
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This may be the start of some kind of attraction/obsession he may be developing.

If he is making you nervous in any way at all, inform the local police and see what your options are.
He might be missing his After Dinner Mints ??!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing help
sad flower bouquet
@still....i can do that yeah...but he had 3kids to take care need him and i dont want to bring trauma to them...any the ways...he must not go beyond limits else im gunna call the police..... sir bobby grin
@parti.....well im not a mint flavor that he likes.....grin
He likes you Ateh and the way he shows it, scary. Still is right, maybe an obsession of him already. I just hope his obsession will not progress into something more nasty to the point of stalking. If that will happen, report and let the authorities handle the situation.
I am 99% sure I am right about this. He is showing classic signs of a possible obsession. Starts off not too bad, but don't leave it unchecked.
Ok, I shouldn't have used the word obsession, but a definite attraction is there.
@shay.....i hope its not obsession tho....that would be scary just kinda annoying and i feel uncomfortable that is....nothing more i hope.....of course i'll do some action if it gets too far....thanks po!hug
@still.....its funny in everything i do he thinks i like him not staying outside my haus.........uh oh
i mean im not staying so long outside my haus.....dunno
Get a big dog.
or a snake. some people won't go anywhere a snake is.
dw,,,sad i had two little maltese dogs.....blues
snake is interesting.....but.....i might not go inside my haus too....snake scares me.........uh oh
Sorry to hear that. i lost a dog not long ago. maybe you can adopt a new little friend who can let you know of creeping freaks. a bark may keep some distance between you and the man.
thanks diamond......hug
A dog is nice to have along with a can of pepper spray and a tazer.
still yeah i have plans to buying that kinda stuff....juz a tear gas tho..... cheers thx!
i am worried that you have to be armed to feel good about leaving your house. Do you have another neighbor or friend who can speak up for you? A big brother?
I just really don't have a lot of trust for creepy drunken neighbors who seem to set their sights on their neighbor when his wife is away uh oh
i can take care of myself a big woman...grin too...and i have a plan of learning karate this summer.... cool
Still-I wish you could hop on a jet and have a few words with Creep.
dw...hope so too....blushing
Some Stun Grenades and a Flame Thrower Even!!!??dunno handshake

grin bouquet this a war????laugh laugh laugh

love the idea....but im not that violent.... dunno
Are your houses really close together?
apartment type mary.....wave
Nice ..No maybe not war, but they will back up your Pepper Spray and Tazer!!wow doh
comfort bouquet
One easy way to fix it. Give me and N&E about 10 minutes of "warming up" in in full view of him and he will be left with no questions asked

Nice never mind that rubbish I said!! How do the kids get on staying with him????confused dunno
@parti....yeah back up with some grenades hehehehehhheeh....

and tankers too yeah???

how bout


im hoping nothing worst will come up with this scenario.....sigh
Apartment living can be tough if you don't care much for your neighbors.

You can completely ignore him and not even look at him when he speaks to you? You can move if it gets to annoying or you can talk to your landlord?

Maybe it's a misunderstanding? Could he be so lonely that he talks to anyone in your building? I lived next door to a lady who I made the mistake of inviting her in for coffee one morning,and then every single morning after that for months on end she was at my door.I finally had to get rude with her to make her stop.
@still...i dont know him personally but the wife is a not so friendish of mine.....i dont talk to my neighbors often and i use to stay inside my haus most of the time......when i dont have to do important things outside of course.......
@parti..their grandma is there with them now.......
@mary...its not really an apartment but my haus is that kinda type....maybe yes its a misunderstanding coz i really dont know them personally and i dont have plans of knowing him ...all i know is he is married and i am not suppose to get close to him at all....i dont want to talk to him about anything at all.....i just ignore him maybe he will stop eventually....i hope.....sigh
I will always love u!handshake
@guadal who do u say this????dunno
got me straight dead!help
ooopsss didnt knw......sad flower
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