crack in the head.....!

alright after the longest time in my life....just now...again ....i experienced a real slip on the floor.....feels like im havin the head of spongebob squarepants......crying

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That is hilarious! It will never beat the Garfield cat cranked in the window though! Sometimes these new cartoon guys get a little old real soon. They're not like the old time cartoon characters.
At least you're not like Humpty Dumpty. grin
Did it knock any sense into you ? laugh
Seriously, I hope you are OK, uh oh
or at least as OK as you usually are. laugh
Nice And Easy

Don't feel bad fell last week and broke my nose.....
Was it a bit too much of ?wine beer bartender waiter buddies drink pouring beverage delivery At least your major faculties seem to be operational; can you do this? cartwheel cartwheel
sad flower sad flower sad flower sad flower
OUCH !!!
comfort bouquet
Dont know about nice el but for me it was then had to get drunk again to pop it back into placefrustrated
watch u step careful clumsy kiddo! mumbling

get well soon ... keeps us updated! <concerned> <concerned> moping
Hi NE, hope you are ok. Next time be more careful.
There have been cases here in my town where the persons
fell in the bathroom or bedroom and they didn't make it...
My friend lost her 64 year old mother two days ago cos she
fell down in her own bedroom...don't understand why a fall can
be that fatal...looks like a mere fall...dunno dunno hurts.....crying
@jim actually i think maybe its time to knock my head off....grin
@becca .....

im sorry u have cracked ur nose.....

@el....i guess it not about too much was an out of balance thing....blues
@paul...thanks did the trick....still hurts tho...hug
@titsy....paul is right im kinda clumsy at times.....i just hope nothing serious happened to me ......uh oh
hope u will be alright!teddybear alrite.....thx!!!grin
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