talking bout work....

today i wasn't able to go to work due to over fatigue...i was soo exhausted and stressed out ....i went to the doctor and paid medicine...and guess what? i paid more than half as my work pays me in daily

then i begin to i working too hard just to have money for my medication or treatment for my future's illnesses???but what if i will not work???would i get the same pressure and stress if all i do is just sitting all the time and do nothing???

at the moment im sick and soo tired.........hope it wont last...blues blues blues
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OMG Nice..I never knew you were down!! hope your feeling better soon!! ..And working is far superior than sitting around!!comfort bouquet
Hope you are feeling better soon!!
@parti....remember when i bumped my head the other day....that was the reason....damn work lol.....laugh

hope i'll get better..... wave
@calli...thank u....hug
You didn't go to work because you were fatigued?

If I would have called my boss and said that I wouldn't have a job anymore. If you can't handle it... go somewhere else... there's plenty of people that can take over where you are now.

Not only that, but you went to the doctor because you were exhausted and stressed out? I wish I was your doctor... collect your money and tell you to get some sleep.

I don't mean to be rude or insulting... it's just my opinion. Sometimes it's best to say what's on your mind instead of sugar-coating everything.
nice, no medical insurance from your company? dunno
im having an asthma attack.....i love my work....thats why im working hard u see??? tongue
@lachi...i have an insurance but only when i will be confined at the hospital ,they will pay for me...u spend ur own money if ur an out patient...wave
I see nice, sorry to hear that comfort take a rest well and get well soonhug bouquet
thank u lachi...i hope so too.....
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Get well soon...hug teddybear bouquet
feel better soon Nice. Make sure it isn't related to bumping your head. a head injury will make you feel sleepy and nausious.

thanks marlenehug
@dw...u know sometimes i am being paranoid about that....but i hope really nothing serious with my head bumping.....i guess still alive.....grin thank u diamond....xoxobouquet
A nice 2 hour romp in the ocean will cure you and take away your stress ~ added bonus is you get a massage in the processwine laugh wud be i wish....maybe on summer....for now i gotta work....

about the massage....yes i must have one for sure this weekend....grin


we all have got through the same experience. Me couple of years ago, I was totally busy, I worked in different area, worked 12 hours daily except Sundays ... on Sundays just 4 grin I carried my laptop even to a holiday spot... doh and one day... blackoutuh oh I was totally exhausted and suffered several months. I had to spend a lot of money for getting a part of my health back.

I learnt something a bit about priorities in my life.
I wish you luck and strong mind to choose priorities in your life.
@aswina....yeah it just popped in my i working too hard just to get sick???im sorry for myself i really forgot to take care of it lately.....anyways...i took meds that made me feel ok....easier to breath.....what i dont like is its side makes me fat.....doh thanks aswina....hug
treatments are fine just for beginning, I had to rearranged my lifestyle, even changed my work ( which in the first moment I did not do because of my health, but from different reason)

I learnt to say " no ". I learnt to relax and never mix up work and relax any more.
These days I do not need any treatments, but consequences are... I am tired much often than before. I am not any more tireless robot...grin

Nice, all will be fine just you love yourself a bit more.
@aswina,,,i have other options....but im afraid its gunna be a little late for me to change my would be risky....and im too old to change it....

u know thats what the doctor suggest that i may change my line of work coz it makes me stressed all the time....when i come to think of work has been my life and im not planning to change it anytime soon...

thanks for ur suggestion aswina...hug
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