once u pop u cant stop!!!!

so those of u who said goodbye....

u'll be here soon......laugh laugh laugh

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laugh laugh laugh peace
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wave Nice,, Not sure about the pringles giggle but I know what you mean,, hug
hi ltd.....hug cheers how are u these days???
hug Nice ,, I would be lying scold if I said things were good moping but I'm alive & can still blog laugh Hows you hug teddybear
i hope u'll feel better.....here's a hug for u.....hug
Thanks Nice,,enjoy your pringles,, doh I mean blogs giggle take it easy wine drinking cheers hug
ooopsss no ur not drinking right? carry on...everything will be okay......like me!!!im ok!!!i got over it..looking for new one did the trick.....but now im down again as usual...laugh but u know we are girls...we rock the world....!!!head banger
Ateh, CS blogging is very addicting to me. grin

Pringles, Nah. I like it esp the cheese flavor but not addicted to it. hug
I heart1 Pringles...that was why I came backblushing laugh
One of themwink thumbs up

can`t stop herebanana banana love love hug heart wings teddybear peace
I mean,I`m one of the addictive...that is why I am herelaugh grin banana banana cheering cheering applause cheers peace
Damnit Marlene doh doh Did you have to go and clarify yourself now!!! frustrated frustrated here I am thinking you a "pringle" also... mumbling mumbling mumbling mumbling
Good point but CS is not all about the same thing - it's more like a selection box - once you open it, there is some much to taste before you decide on the one that's best for you tongue

cs blogs've gone dead these days!
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