commitment phobic...

just read an article about how to spot on a commitment phobic men....honestly i got scared .....cause most of the men i met are like that......

why wud some men dont want commitment but they want sex ...?

whereas for some women like rather have sex with someone with commitment.....

oh men why are u like this???

NOTE:im not into gender bashing but im more of id like to understand men's behavior....

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I think you have to be careful generalizing. Most men want commitment, it's just those that don't get better press.
@hammock okay.....dont scold me okay?im just curious.....confused

'course i wanna know and im glad for what u said..... peace

omg im nervous.....hole
I shall also say that you really have no concept what a real man can do for his woman! Sorry to say but truth is we are limited by the horizon of our experiences! And it’s the root of every modern problem!

But you wrote “why wud some men dont want commitment but they want sex ...?”

I have experience of women who want sex only but not willing to commit really! So I think men women should give up this controversy!
as for men, and undertanding their behaviour and approaches... I can recommend you one really great book by Sherry Argov. I promoted the book couple of years ago and I would use the book as a teaching materials for girls over 17 cool laugh

Men want sex and nothing wrong with that. They have been created so, because it is primary basic need. Commitment is something connected with will. Will and intention are connected with more complicated abstract thinking and secondary needs.

We - women- should expect men to long for secondary need when we refuse to fulfill their primary need rolling on the floor laughing

.. and for my last sentence all men will hunt me and shot me at last!!! laugh
Nice...Whe're What???? Put that Trash in the Bin Where it Belongs !!!professor rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
guess....just based on my experiences and friends too....if we come up with the ratio of women who wants sex with no commitment versus men who wants sex with no commitment probably 1 out of 10.....BASED on my experience and people i knw..... too....they will kill me now.....laugh laugh laugh peace

thanks for ur book referral.....grin
@parti.....please don't scold me....i just wanna know.....moping
Nice...Thats not Scold thats the Emo next door to it!! Hammock had it right in First Comment!!!
hug bouquet kiss
Hi nice.

I actually agree with all the above comments - yes is is that complex.

From experience when I was young - guys always wanted to go one stage futher than the girl would let them. But, in those days repected the limits.

Today, maybe partly due to the ladette culture, maybe believing the statement "everyone's doing it" That girls give in too easilly and guys expect more.

But, not everyone is like this - I might generalize here and say - especially the older guys who have more life experience and nothing to prove.

Set your own limits, respect yourself, and don't do anything that you would regret or feel embarressed about the next morning.

z wave
@nice I am not going to the clash of your and my experiences! But I want to say that this is one kind of media influenced news for some purpose to attract women more. Hope you got my point… for example in some online sites women entry is free and men entry is with subscription!
@parti....its habbeeb's blog fault entitled "i love u"....he said i love u then he said he wanted sex.....and the mere fact that most men posts about easy sex on here....would u blame me? mumbling
@zandaar....i agree with that too...i think sex without commitment is not fulfilling at all.....thumbs up
@guess...i think im getting what u mean ...

the thing is....for me its a real deal...meaning really happened so its not just media i think....

in terms of paying for subscription in other websites for men ...i think thats why connecting singles is the best for me....its all
Ateh, there are some men... I am lucky to have met men who are not afraid of commitment. Just I am unfortunate bec they did not fall for me... sigh ...
@shay....there is someone for u for sure.....dont worry....hug hug hug
Hindi naman ako nagmamadali Ateh, kaya no hurry lang hehhehe... Sana... hug teddybear
yan ang right attitude.......thumbs up thumbs up
Nice...As far as Im concerned,Habeebs Blog was only put there to Shock and Bait ppl!!,and he may be part of a Syndicate of Christian Haters!!
Do you honestly think, anyone in their right mind, would put up a Blog with that content, hoping to find a Partner ??? I would go further but I will lose my One Liner status !! laugh
Expecting a Spy any Second now!!!uh oh

bouquet hug

but u see random blogs here asking for a flying F*ck so...what does it mean??

anyways just dont get mad at me yes??

for habeeb....

heyyy spy....wave shoot me in the head.... laugh laugh laugh tongue
Nice I could never be Mad at You!!!.... Nor anyone else for that matter,I just have a little Sympathy for some that go way over the top,Fun is Fun but Blatent Filth is another Subject !! There are Blogs on here, Even today that go to the Extremities !!, in uncalled for Fanatasism !!!
Have Fun!!
hug bouquet over the top.....never for me.....handshake
WHY ARE MEN LIKE THIS????? doh Are you kidding??? It's the women who just want mn for sex, Sex, SEX!!!! Shheeesh, is that all you women ever think of??? I mean we are not just a piece of meat, you know. Not just some joy toy. We men are just looking for quality time, understanding, nice personality, commitment for a day or night.. and..just nice times.. But OOH NO! Women get upset if you cant give them SEX! Yikes!!!devil devil grin
A song from a film...

..And to add to that.. one woman I dated even told me.. she said "Sheesh, gas prices are going up, food prices are going up... EVERYTHING IS GOING UP, except yours"! (if you know what I mean) lol. grin rolling on the floor laughing
help blushing professor so confusing conversing
What if I give commitment for duration of sex; is that allowed? wink wink And the next day laugh and day after..grin day after.....rolling on the floor laughing Day Ho....Daaay Ho, daylight come & I wanna go home....devil

nakikibasa langgrin wink thumbs up

hug peace
I have met man who didn't want commitment but sex. I have met man who wanted both but changed his mind about commitment while I was with him and now while I am away far from him, he thinks about to talk a commitment with me, so Citra was is so confusinglaugh bouquet
El, You just wrote a great script for a horror movie!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing comfort lips
Did someone mention a Horr movie? I havent seen a good horr movie in a long time. loldevil
Spd(x2) ~ just being factual Hun! wink wink hug
Hi N&E - wave

Sex is fun. Commitment involves responsibility and work and doing your chores. For many, it can be this simple. They just want to play. playball

Men and women are wired differently... A man can see a woman on the bus and think about sex without knowing anything about her... Women typically think about many things when they meet someone interesting... and sex may not be on their list at all (until later).

It's rather basic human/animal instinct... to create the next generation (men) and to make sure they live to adulthood (women).

This is much more complicated, of course... and everyone is different in some way... just a manner of matching up the right differences I think. dancing

(and it also makes sense that most men (and women) who strongly desire commitment are not single anymore)
Why is everyone getting so upset over the blog? The girl just wants to understand what has been happening to her with regards to men and committments.

I am 50 years old and have had many different experiences with men in my life and men of different cultural backgrounds. What I am finding is that the older a man gets, the less he trusts. Many men who have had bad experiences give up on trying to find a good woman and then just look for sex to prevent themselves from getting hurt.

I have gotten more offers for sex since on these websites than I ever would have imagined. I am sure some woman are like that too but I have noticed a trend lately in that most older men are more set in their ways and not looking for a relationship, especially if they have had a bad one. Younger men are getting into the act too and are contacting older woman for sex and don't feel intimated by our age either. I never had so much directness from men than in the last few years or so. I have not had one date from these sites in years and I don't think I am an unreasonable person. I have had offers for sex and that to me is not a date.

So give the girl a break, she just wants some answers.
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