The Pope,, religion and sex,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The Pope was having a shower, and although he is very strict about the rules of celibacy, he occasionally felt the need to exercise the right wrist and this was one of those occasions.

Just as he reached the Papal Climax, he saw a paparazzi photographer capturing the moment the Holy Seed flew through the air.

"Hold on a minute!" Screamed the Pope, "You can't publish that photograph; you'll destroy the reputation of the Catholic Church."

"This photograph is my lottery win," Replied the photographer, "I'll be financially secure for life."

So, the Pope offered to buy the camera and film from the photographer, and after lots of negotiation, they eventually settled on a figure of two Million Euro's.

The Pope dried himself off and headed off with his new camera. He met his housekeeper, who spotted the camera. "That looks like a really good camera," She said, "How much did it cost you?"

"Two million Euro's," Replied the Pope.

"Two million Euro's!" Shrieked the housekeeper,

"They must have seen you coming!"wow

giggle giggle gotta go joy cartwheel hole
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laugh laugh That story reminds me of another joke. A lady died and was on her way to Heaven, but before she entered the gates.. she had to answer a random question. So, she was asked "What did Eve say when she saw Adam naked"? The lady thought and said "Hmmm, gee that's a hard one". The gatekeeper replied "Correct! Come on in"! lol grin
wave robrt787

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing hug
Ouch, Livin, I hope that you said your pentics after that one, some one please explain how the paparazz got pasted all the Swiss Guards who are suppost to protect the body of the popedevil dancing devil wine sad flower wine
wave South,,, Politics confused dunno ,, never try to worry me flirty about such things shimmy giggle
All I can say about what you said is that I could only expect that from a perverted and ignorant mind with no honour or respect for another human being.. Nor for himself. May your tongue and mouth dry up and burn the filth from your mouth and never be able to utter another word again.
wave Springlark,, oh my,, Have you not got a sense of humour then hmmm dunno ,,,,, Each to their own,, giggle
livin_the_dream wave

What a blog thumbs up
I thought this was breaking news,you know seem the popes like the media with new news after another.I can't understand some(people)they HOLY a man!?Didn't men make sins,how come to be a HOLY confused thanks bouquet wine
wave FirasLion

Its a Joke,, giggle In todays society we seem to have forgotten how to laugh,, as its seen as rascism & political correctness has taken over everything,, frustrated

Don't bother,they will never get out of their coma,they worship multiple gods,i know its a joke and there is no reason to get such uncivilized words,you can delete that if you want,anyway you are free minded woman and you say what you think,ignore the suppressor policy.cheers bouquet
laugh Firas cheers

Live and let live,,, hug Its sad people have forgotten how to laugh,, and prefer to stand on their soap boxes,, spouting barf
Thy forgot nothing,they laugh at themselves and they still have caves in Canada with some access to the Internetrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing hug wine
Dear livin the dream, Wow ! I didn't know that you are an ignorant and perverted mind with no respect for another human being . Maybe you should be like the ultra religious ones who would never post a derogatory remark about someone especially one that dissagreed with them . Not only that but they would never burdon you with curses of cripiling or disabeling cosequences . I'm just soooooo glad the good and holy people are here to show us ignorant ones how to properly behave . .angel angel angel
scold Firas professor I'll have you know thats a racist comment giggle I have a very good friend living in Canada
laugh laugh laugh

Ouch, well spoken, angel devil I think I will just get a good glass of wine and sit and ponder this blog for a while, Its getting to heavy for me.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing wine sad flower wine
wave Frank,,
daydream hmmm Neither did I,,,Do we live in a world that we can no longer joke,, laugh,, its sad moping
Mary had a little lamb,, but it can no longer be black,,,doh
South Enjoy the wine,, I have to leave you with it till after i close
beverage delivery bartender waiter drink pouring drinking drinking

Missed you at Ed,s party last night, would of loved to have a dance with you and share a good glass of winedance wine wine sad flower
I feel touched and insulted by your "joke". Pope Benedictus PP XVI. is not my fav but he is still the symbol of something I suppose that is important for millions of people in the world.
I respect them.
rolling on the floor laughing Living,thanx for the good laugh.
Funny that muslims laugh at jokes on christian religion ,But are ready to blow you up if you make jokes about themlaugh laugh
livin_the_dream wow

You missed my joke confused so enjoy the real joke banana super
Living, I'm constantly amazed be the incredable two facedness of those people . Are they so ignorant of there actions they don't see what they are doing ? .confused . It is like the news latly, the fanatics in Afganastan are roiting because of an acidental burning of the Koran . I haven't heard one peep against the bombing and killing of inocent people in the name of Allah ! I wonder what they would do if they really had to live up to the core of there religions and not be alowed to commit atrocitys for alleged infractions . . devil devil devil
crying South,, next time theres a party plse invite me wink
I just love to dance with you hug
wave Aswina,, I'm sorry if you are offended by the joke,,, its sad in all the politics of the world,, people once used to laugh
Rummy1 ,

shut up,didn't i ignored you and kicked you out of my blog,so i am not interested to know or to hear your racist comments about Muslims,zionist puppets.barf


You show us who you are,a warmonger who hate Muslims and enjoy killing them,i am not surprised at all,those soldiers are rapist and bloody killers,burning a Holy book that 1.500,000,000 million believing it will not surprise them coz we know that(policy)it has been systematically done for years,and you and your bloody US governments-ssss will get kicked out of Afghanistan soon,i promise every one with that and i will celebrate too,.........with sham on their face devil plus as sign on their forehead with the letter P barf

p.s I am not going to kick assHs here so take this opportunity and make jokes about the popes grin nerd
wave Rummy1

Is the world that bad out there???
@ living.If u r asking about where i live,i'd say that the life is great here.We had a few fanatics sent by iranian mullahs and all of them r in jail now.grin wine
Firas ,get a life.u r a sick man.laugh
And yes boys and girls Frias once again turns into his usual charming self . There must be a full moon or something . . dunno
Rummy, What was that you said about Muslims will laugh at jokes about Christians but will do what next ? ? ? . . . confused
Maybe I should hyjack this blog so FL will yell at me again and get off your backs for awhile, seams that "scotch" is back or at least his twinrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing devil very mad grin doh
I better show,Frankie laugh handshake cheers

Embedded image from another site
Rummy, That is funny but it's a real shame that people like ( you know who ) give all those billion Muslims a bad name . Is that the cat of anyone I might know here ? . . . laugh laugh laugh
u got it Frankie.poor cat to have a such ownerdoh laugh
I give you, Last Call, from the Rev. I.M. Jolly wink

Each to their own Ms Dreamer

I'm all for jokes & a laugh but your comments are insulting to me as a catholic barf

I also noticed with out reading all your blog & the comments that you have the support of the Fool sorry the Virus so good for you on your powerful & disgusting Blog

Have a lovely evening Ms Dreamer barf
wavefelixdahousecat,, I am sorry if my blog or the comments offended you as a catholic,, It was not meant to bring peoples political views here,, just simply a joke,, hmmm daydream I wonder if it would of sparked the same comments if it was about Irish,,blondes or the like dunno
Oh, wow! I did not think the joke was that bad. When I read it I don't think that it is about THE pope. You could insert just about any guy who wants to keep such things out of the media. Isn't the pope just a man? Does this mean the haters of this blog never tell jokes that make fun of women? I hope they don't invite me to any parties...
wave KemChi,, Thank you for your comment,, its good that some still have a sense of humour hug
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