Gary Allen "Smoke Rings in the Dark"

Definitely one of my favorite country songs guitar A sad song though blues I hope you likey heart wings

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Music...Smoke Rings in the Dark??? Thats a bad as an Empty Chocolate Box !!!Sorry I cant watch we are on Slow here for some reason!! and it aint Solar Flares!!laugh I dont think anyhow ??confused
cheers handshake peace
Ya never know. It might very well be solar flares laugh
Just heard it on the radio SF's, nothing that aint happened before!! This will probably be my last comment tonight see you next time Music I cant put up with this slow thing tonight Freeze and crash too!!Byewave
cheers doh
I'm suprised it even sent that last one. It sits there for a minute before it posts and about 2 minutes to change pages!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Byewave
mucsicmanwave thank you wink thumbs up
Net came good, seen it now! thumbs up thumbs up
Hey Parti. The problem was probably with CS and not your computer. That has happened to me before on this site very mad Who knows though, being 2012 and all jackolantern laugh
Hi Marlene wave I really do like all music. 80's Metal is my roots though head banger and they are very Metallic head banger laugh laugh I'm glad you liked the song. I could put up country songs that will bring you to tears crying
wave Music,,, Jaime ça thumbs up moping crying
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