Jason Micheal Carroll "Alyssa Lies"

.............The first time I heard this song.....Here was the order: blues blues crying crying very mad very mad drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking blues crying crying crying About in that order.........How could someone.......

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HMM!! Sad Song Tonight??
thumbs up thumbs up cheers
Yeah Parti........Painful to listen to it. Sorry......
Better Brighten it up with Chatanooga Choo Choo or Something!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing roll eyes
Actually, I need my pain. A good cry makes me feel better, and unfortunately, I am easy in that department. There are several songs that will drop me. Even "Fade to Black" by Metallica will do it.........but there's a personal reason for that. Maybe a song of hope will cheer us up?
Musicman,you really make mecrying crying crying this is really a sad songcrying
"Fade to Black" by Metallica also sad onecrying crying Yes they are a good songthumbs up thumbs up

This one too a sad song,but I like this one...

Next time I want grin love banana banana wink thumbs up hug
wave Music,, I know this song,, its sad,, but it brings awareness to the child abuse,, it was used in a recent campaign.
How can someone hurt the innocent of the world dunno hug
livin_the_dream wave

Only a hearthless human being or a beast can hurt innocents......crying crying crying
I never heard this song before...it really makes me crying crying very sad song.

livinhug teddybear
Hi Marlene wave
I just had to get a few sad songs out of me. Believe me, I have a lot more..........nut I will add a happy love song next to cheer you up thumbs up love head banger wink hug
Hi Dream wave
I know about the campaign. It continues. Unfortunately, it's gotten so bad that even parents who use reasonable actions to discipline their children are targeted doh dunno What do people think a child who is "Never" disciplined as a child will turn into? I know:
sir bobby detective -jail- -prison- and everyone will 'blame' society. From one extreme to another. Because of one extreme, parents are afraid to punish their kids, so they don't, and they grow into adults who become the law's problem. thumbs down
Anyway, sorry. Next song will be a happy rare love song heart wings
PS Thanks for the song Marlene. I haven't heard that one in a long time thumbs up
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