"Oh Danny Boy" Celtic Women

Happy St Patrick's to all cheers
This is the best version they ever did. I hope you enjoy heart wings heart wings

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still around doing music blogs they say music can sooth the soul oh danny boy its a classic nice job my friend
Yes Very good!! and Sharlot Church did a good version too!!
applause applause applause thumbs up thumbs up
handshake beer
Hi Blue wave
yeah, I'm still around. I'm glad you are too. It's coming up on the four year mark for me soon.........and I'm still single doh I must be doing something wrong mumbling mumbling laugh cheers
I'm glad you liked id Parti head banger I even like Harry Belafonte's version cheers cheers
i had a few girlfriends but also single i believe this is my fourth iv been around since 09 good luck on finding the one keep on with the music my friend
Thanks John. I think it was July 2008 when I joined, so we're both veterans laugh
Music...Yeah!! There are several Excellent Male versions of DB..applause applause beer
I'm not a Vegetarian yet Only 1 year Odd !!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
cheers handshake grin
wow what a voice like anangel love thank youwink thumbs up teddybear
Hi Marlene wave
I agree wow wow
All Celtic Woman songs are arranged so beautiful. Even this one is so well done:

I guess we can't forget David Downs for arrangement and song selection heart wings heart wings
Okay Pari you funny guy bring it on boxing boxing boxing boxing popcorn liar lightbulb burger laugh
i was sang this song on my church this morning angel but it has difference lyrics to the same tune ( Above the Hills of Time ) grin
wave Music,,, j'aime ça, thumbs up mais,,,,

as a Celt,, I prefer more traditional

keep them coming hug kiss

wave John,, long time no see,, sorry to here you have not found your special someone,,, wonder if we'll all get long standing membership medals,, daydream hmmm giggle gotta go joy cartwheel hole
I've already got a Medal !!wow Worst Frofile Ever Presented in CS history!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
yay yay yay yay yay
grin bouquet
@ Parti,,, doh hmmm never looked at your profile,, i'll just motorcycle detective
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