I guess am a spoilt person uh oh

I can't stand the greyhound bus roll eyes Well, the couch was smelly and it was quite a long ride from Niagara Falls to Toronto!

I am proud though that I didn't throw up in the bus, but after arriving at the hotel laugh

Have a good day to you, Folks!
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what a nice short story ...short and sweet wave
I remember riding the bus when I was a kid. It was special and the ride was clean. About 20 years ago I was in San Francisco and I had to get to a smaller town up the coast so I took the bus. This 12 year old kid was sitting next to me looking at this catalog with every conceivable knife available. This kid was marveling over the most evil looking knives in the whole book.

I always wondered if the kid grew up ok!

Naw, buses are not what they used to be!
Damn your kinda whiny.... THATS SO ADORABLE! :D lol..
Ed...Im pleased to tell you that Kid Grew Up to be a Knife Thrower in the Carnival !!! And has only missed Twice!!!!wow
sad flower sad flower

Thanks, Virgo wave


I took greyhound from Vancouver to Whistler in 2009 and it was okay as the bus was clean. But last Thursday, April 26, it was really not an experience I wanted to repeat ... ever laugh

Fortunately, there wasn't any scary looking person in the bus. grin

I was stating my experience taking a smelly greyhound wink
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