I LOVE U ....CS???


my all good CS friends after two days complete my one years in wireclub.

when i am make CS id so very bored feel few days .????
dont reply me any friends and dont comments me.......very sad:
very angrey feel ...coz when i am new users ????i know

bt.today realy i am very happy and glad feel
coz today i hve lots off great friends
every my wire friends reply me ....comments me and care about meteddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
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vishal2010thumbs up good to hear...today your on fillinapplause conversing
ughh what is the code to use when posting youtube videos again.....my pc's havin a brain fart and isn't allowing my little popup screen for it. doh help
red ......................thumbs up
red paste...................
paste wut? lol help laugh
[ youtube ] *youtube link* [ /youtube ]
applause applause applause applause applause applause we got there in the END blushing blushing blushing red dont ask again okrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Glad your having a great time now that you have friends. applause
ohhh pfffftttt.....never did ask cuz i've never had this problem...pc's bein difficult confused roll eyes wave

Good song but couldn't understand what the blogger was trying to convey could you explain.........laugh
And no birthdays well wishes from you I am deeply wounded...

Thought you were my friend Vcrying

He is celebrating one year on CS. When he first joined no one appeared to want to be his friend and it made him very sad. Now he's got lots of friends and he's thanking everyone for his happiness with many friends!
Thanks for explaining that is nice for him wish him many happy days here....lips
thumbs up thats good we all need friends teddybear
Enjoy with us, my friend. Best wishes. hug
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