google ur user name

i just googled my user name and saw what i came up with
chococherrie, connecting singles

and i saw an old pic of me getting married to boban on the forums and i also got married to zeb..amazing is mr rdmwave
try and google urs and see wave what u come up withwave
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Where were you going on that motorbike nekid?
Omg choco, somebody have this name on Facebook, but me i can't see my conecting profile..hmm confused
@ choco,

Same with me,,,no infomoping
I just googled yours again ~ and it showed me first page....wink

confused Maybe google works differently from country to country..dunno

I googled mine & I get: 1. St. Elmo is a ghost town. 2. St. Elmo's Fire. 3. Elmo, St. Elmo or Saint Elme may refer to: ...Wiki
4. Fast food pizza take-away. St. Elmo's Slice Away offers... Google's eyes...I practically don't exist! sigh uh oh
Chcoco and Stony wave

on ym side it say: IT WORKS! yayyy..he he! laugh

cant chat now...but u must google ur name + connecting singles!wave
Who are you Lazly? detective
My (SA) google of your name shows:
Lazly John Stephanie, Lazly Town, Lazly Joshi of India (I'll want you then.. grin )
Jocuri Jocuri Lazly ~ Caramba! conversing uh oh
Elmo wave,

Ayyy!! my cheeks hurts laugh rolling on the floor laughing, im am everywhere in games, clips, facebook, im a dancer..etc

laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Wow! Choco, I googled my user name and I got lots of responses . Most where old black and white movies of me and I didn't know I had such a history . It seems I'm quite popular with a certain film group . . . . .laugh laugh laugh
Mine came up with:

Bitter midlife crises man who can not be happy for others! Stay clear of him!

ha ha ha!

boban!!! I wonder what ever happened to him. He was crazy and I really liked his sense of humor!!

I must say that the 2 of you make a delightful couple!!
He's still at forums Ed.
---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----
do i look happy lol! good ol rdm with is photo shop
Morg laugh
you look like a puppet, choco.
wave choco, I found it,,, but,,, a lil way down in the list was..Stony Plain Lesbian Personals - Free Online Dating Site
Stony Plain's best 100% FREE lesbian dating site. Connect with other single lesbians in Stony Plain with Mingle2's free Stony Plain lesbian personal wow thumbs down rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
lazy and elmo are you having fun?laugh maybe u have to be here long enough to get noticed like metongue laugh wave
"stony rolling on the floor laughing
of course franky babywave laugh
ed tx but boban got married to other toolaugh
yes morgy no women would touch u with a north/south pole cause u beam sun rayscool
spammy cause he only used my headlaugh psst the bike was from another blog i didwave
Choco, Just me saying . .wave .. . back
ok frank just me say hi back cause u said hi backlaugh wave
The last time I googled my name I came up with a concert violinist and a memorial site in my name.uh oh
That freaked me out a little.laugh
@ Stony ~ wow wow "Stony Plain Lesbian Personals" Lesbian blah Lesbian Stony Plain Lesbian Personals

mumbling mumbling Please stay in PE! laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing handshake cheers
Hi Choco!

I put in your user name + Connecting + Singles ... and one of the links was to this blog. laugh

Most of the things on CS are public on the internet (messages are kept private) ... blog, forums and other things ... it all helps CS draw more viewers.

(Note: This adds to the number of views on some blogs.)
Guys ,why dont u see here what ur username really meansgrin
Hi Leo I tried your link and the following came up

"Nessa -short for Vanessa..a wonderful fun loving
energetic person
Nessa can you come over here please?
buy nessa mugs & shirts
vanessa ness buterfly funny girl beautiful"

All true grin
2 choco!

i knew it!! That Boban is a 2 timer!! hee hee

Thanks for this great fun blog. I am laughing my neck off!
Hi Nessa, welcome to our backyard. wine
@. Leo,

My name on urban dictionary dsay this:

lazly isn't defined yet. dancing
Nessa,can u come over please?laugh i liked that partwine

Laz ,then try shortly Laz,something should come uproll eyes
@ El,,
Geez is this what they call an identity crisis???confused confused frustrated cool Not so bad I cuda been Hgayrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hilarious! Mine shows CS site at the bottom of the first page. wave
Hi Pretty Choco.. just here to bring you a flower flower ..and to wish you a happy day! grin
Mine has all kind of stuff including my blogs and stuff from grey's anatomy!!! Wow!!! Choco, u look pretty.
To Morgenulv

Thank you wine
To Leo_7

I am comming are you sure you ready? laugh
All I found was a bunch of lyrics and video links
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