long drive

im looking for good songs to listen to while on 3 hour drive!but im blank...a little help please! help
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tx virgowave
theres a few idears for you , what is your taste in music ?hug
Hi!cho wave drive safelyhug

David garza-discoball world,Edward maya -stereo love,Flo rida-club can't handle me,Martin solveig ft dragonette-hello,The breeders-cannon ball,the cure -close to me,Kate Nash-foundations,the chemical brother-let for ever be,evanescence -my immortal ,arcade fire-keep the car running,Hot chocolate -you sexy thing,le roux-bullet proof,Lenny kravetz-fly away,mgmt-time to pretend,Super tramp -good bye stranger,Garbage-when I grow up,moby-southside/starz, just some music I use to keep me in a good driving mode!take care
Okay pretty Chococherrie, you asked for it.. here's some recordings of me singing in the shower. lol.

"My Cheri Amour, lovely as a summer day..
my cheri amor.. distant as a the milky way..
oh cherrie amour, tell me how could you ignore..
that behind that little smile I wore, how I wished that you were mine...
In a cafe, or sometimes on a crowded street.. Ive been near you, but you never notice me"

Alll right.. and now... here is another... WHAT? No more? lol.
Okay, just trying to help. lol.. (oh no, I think my singing has attracted flies. lol"help grin hug
Helpless blues- fleet foxes, it's real- real state, everybody's changing- keane, bitter sweet symphony- the verve, drive by - train, Adrift- jack johnson, love like you're dying- lenka, hopeful transmission- coldplay, some nights-fun.. Here's just a few.. Depending on your type of music. Have a safe trip Chocowave
wow thank u guys all so much!my f"£$%%%%%%% laptop went down, so will look @ it!peace
Yikes, Choco!!! What kind of laptop did you say that was? lol. grin
I wish you the best with your drive and your #@%* laptop. hug

just for you choco
shes got one of those ones where she needs a new operating system that is genuine and wont crash being online 10 times a day ...so if there's someone rich enough to help out a fellow blogger please do wave wave wave

Drive save wave
This one :

and this one:

It always makes me wanna dance!! yay

Have a safe trip, Choco!
thank you: ruben, content and summerapplause
@ marl,paper,daniel,rob,nonsomker
thank you for your effortscheering
@ virgo darling sweety! my job allows me to be online, through out the day!( lucky me) i can afford to buy my own thanks, but thats not a priority on my list of "urgent things i need"wave i spend my money wisely!applause
Chococherrie, you're back!!!blushing I hope you had a safe and fun drive.
You know, when I drive long drives, sometimes I like to read a book or the newspaper.. er sports section... to relax me when I drive... make the time seem shorter this way. lol.grin

DARN IT!!! You mean, you dont need $$$ for a laptop? I was already getting the western Un**n ready to send. Oh well.. lol. rolling on the floor laughing
yes we know you still realy need one , but a motor bike is more important banana
robbie, save ur cents and buy u some diffent colour shirts, sick of seeing u in the white shirt all the timetongue laugh
virgo yes as u know my minister of finance that my bicycle was stolen and then i got a new one then i bought my motorbike! i wish money grew on trees, cause god digging is hurting my backlaugh
doh wow wow wow She said 3 Hours not 3 Weeks!!!roll eyes
Glad to see you up and safe Choco. If I was online earlier I would suggest country songs (if you like that sorts). hug
chococherrie..have i got a story for you regarding songs .....few years ago had a car accident ..the song was called helldorado...
i was driving heard the line ...tailpipes a draggin ....do you wanna go to hell hell yeh THEN BANG!!!car hit me ...i swear to god it happen just like that never forget....i remember looking in the rear view mirror...anyway ...how about life.is a highwaygrin handshake beer
Roxy Music Oh Yeah

Tom Petty - Free Fallin

Boston ~ More Than A Feeling

Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

...and drive carefully!

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