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forgive or revenge

the still strugel with this. ineed advise..3 years ago my husband left me, didnt complaine about any thing. i had been sick about2 years. i came home one night , he was gone. a note he was unhappy and out of here. being sick i couldnt work no income , he took most of savings. i soon went homeless..and had to give up my companion dog. in dec. i fell and broke my hip.... I WAS FLAT ON MY BACK..IT WAS 22 DEGREES...I layed 2 hours before some one came to me... phnenomia, asthma i could breath turnd purple the pain in my hip. i sufferd so. 11 days in hospital they got my disability threw. every day i suffer the effects.. I WAS TREATED INHUMANE..BY THIS MAN.... HUMANE SOC. HELPS DOGS IF ABANDOND. I WAS WAS BENEATH A DOG. AM I THAT WORTHLESS ?? I NEED TO KNOW.

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No he's the one that's worthless and the best thing you can do is be glad that he's out of your life...forgive but do it for you and let it you can be free of him for anger...nothing at all...he'll just be a nothing to you who raises no feelings or emotions in you anymore....move on and live the best life you can because karma always deals with people like that in the end darlin!!!!!!

Best of luck to you in finding a man who will love and appreciate you just as you are!!!!!!

hug hug hug
the lady above me is so right,dont waste your time thinking about this creep and the past. he will get his just desserts.all the best to you for the future
I shall risk being banned by CS here. Your ex is what decent men call a b*st*rd.

What sort of heartless lowlife man walks out on his wife and lets her go homeless ? May he rot in hell. Forgive him if you need to, but only after you let him know just how much he hurt you.

you are so right,im sure you wont be banned,you are only saying what any reasonable person wouldbeer
im still waiting for that karma to work...seems like people get by scott free by their crulity.
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