Time and Karma

When a bird is alive it eats ants and worms, when it dies;the ants and worms eats the bird.
One tree can make millions of match sticks, it takes one match stick to burn down millions!

Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye at any time!! don't devalue or hurt anyone in this life!
You maybe powerful today but TIME is more powerful than you!!
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dont count the moments in your life,
make the moments in your life COUNT......

Morning Choco.wave
Alright Choco, you have convinced me . I'll be good, just don't turn me in . . . . .sigh
hi simmo...thats way too deep what u just saidlaugh wave
my eyes have changed, they are now weary, i must sleep sweet choco, and Karma must wait, God knows she has waited long enough, is it a wonder life has wearied me.sad flower
turn you into what frank a pumpkin?laugh
Nah cant be, its too early in the morning for me to be that deep....lol
Hey but it is true yeah?
Hi Choco i dont believe in Karma personally but i hope your having a nice day.wave Like No 3.
thach, so does that mean u have been a bad boy in life?laugh sleep well!
simm i dont know cause if i make every moment in my life count ill be exhausted im not good in mathlaugh
hi waf, each to their own i say! not really its been raining for days now, and floods are building!sigh
u funny girl u r.......rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
how was ur dancing banana last night?
confused banana not last night!tonight
bloody time difference......doh doh

must make mental note to self......confused

self, not everyone is on same time as me....frustrated

there done, now i should remember that.....laugh

well choco, dancing dancing dancing banana banana till u drop tonight then.......sigh
okey dokeytip hat
Lessons come that remind us of this...

"don't devalue or hurt..." - I'm totally with you on this. thumbs up

Hi Choco! wave .... nice blog. hug
It takes only a SMILE to save the day!grin cool wine
Freedom is the ability to accept the consequence of your own actions,when I was alot younger,stealing cars,breaking into homes,selling drugs,and jumping people,I believe myself to be untouchable.now as I am older,I accept things when they go wrong ,yes I do in away believe it is karma wanting payment on my many evil deeds so long ago.
To get to the future we must let the present become the past!!!

confused confused confused dunno dunno dunno
EAT SOME CORN ,while you still have teeth too eat it!
Hi pretty Choco blushing , aaahh yes I remember Time Magazine and A-Member this girl who sat next to me in history class, her name was Karma. lol.

Anyway, (uh, what was I thinking? Oh yeah..lol) I truly understand your blog here... cause I once knew a guy who's live-in girlfriend was a porno actress.. well, HE liked to go fishing.. and one day, he felt ill, fell into the lake, passed away and the fish slowly ate him. A few months later, his porno girlfriend went fishing, caught those same fish and ate them out, er ate them. lol.
Have a fun and happy day Choco..grin
Quality blog here.

What simmo said in "line 1" i suppose is: quality over quantity.

thumbs up
spot on Morgenulv...thumbs up

and i agree good blog...conversing

what we going to do with rob???? dunno cheers
LOL... Simmo..rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
That's a really though one Simmo. hmm... daydream
Do you think Pesto has some straitjacket in his blog.shop?
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Very good Morgenulv.......
Must admit luv his humour...redclown
LOL Morgen, Ive been offered a strait jacket before you know, doctor prescribed. lol.
I also have a camouflage shirt hanging up with my other shirts, but I just cant seem to find it! lol. rolling on the floor laughing grin
About the karma of life, it's not really my type of expression neither (as some other blogger said up here). But my father talks about a nemesis walking with us through life...
Onto the same idea.
I read abit on the greek mythology here so i think nemesis may be a female greek god also.. but nevermind,
you get my vibe on it.

As a musical illustration to that nemesis guy I was thikning of i wanna post a music vid i posted before also. I'm a music lover Simmo.

I have noticed in previous blogs morgenulv.

great vid, I enjoyed...
best we say sorry to choco for the hi jack.dunno
Sorry Choco.bouquet
(or visual illustration just as much, good tune too though)

Rob, you can lend mine if you wanna. hehe

Embedded image from another site
Sorry choco, we love you as before bouquet
So very true, Choco. I believe in karma. A nice blog. One to put one's feet back on the ground.bouquet
When I return from breakfast I would like to give you a rather good Pestering.

Fancy a good Pestering, choco?
That's right , I stand by youchoco.cheers
Yep ~ the frailty of humanity... innocent angel
Good moning .st elmo;

You are an early bird.laugh
I thought I should actually read your blog, as difficult as it was to drag my eyes away from your incredible allure.

You are wise my little chocolate jungle cake. Save your best pieces for me.
Are ya tryin to wear her down???laugh
gladiolus1 ~ the early bird gets the worm! grin that ate the bird that ate the worm...doh laugh rolling on the floor laughing handshake wine
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