talk is cheap

we all know that there are various ways of communicating these days, list is endless! i use to call home about once every 2 months but with my blackberry messenger i can send msgs to my family back home with out costing much you just pay a daily,weekly or montly fee! skype is also good but only a few family members use the net,im actually started getting used to just text msg and cant remember voices so clearly anymore! laugh
what other ways do people use no to communicate? i tried using a smoke signal but so windysigh laugh
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Fortunately, the phone service here in the USA is excellent so I don't really use any other type of communication system.

Then there's the computer, and, again, our internet service here is excellent as well. So I guess I am just stuck with these two because there's no need to rely on anything else.
thats great Ed! i wish someone will send me a love letter or a real card instead of online flowerssigh laugh
the cost to call long distance has become too much for me so i use fb and blackberry the most to communicate with my family and close friends
hug choco glad you can stay in touch with your familypeace
For me I am lucky i just use phone or skype my family do not live near me but still in my own Country.teddybear
When setting my phone/internet account with my provider I had 15 countries to choose around the world any cost 24/24 7/7 is included within my 35 Euro monthly deal. Have to skype or other free service with android with friends using NTL in UK though. handshake

You know. That's so crazy. Your a beautiful young woman and your also intelligent. I don't know why some guy doesn't make a move. If I were younger I'd be booking a flight to "somewhere over the rainbow" Jakarta looking for you!

Even if a guy doesn't get a response from a woman there is not really anytime wasted. She's just not interested. And that's ok too. Just keep trying because there's someone for everyone and they will eventually meet!
@ Ed Maybe Choco is looking to hard, I might be the only guy who is not looking at all and get everyday requests. I am only here for the blogs, I am already in "love" with one great lady and it is more than enough to handle... I never believe that this could have happened to me handshake
Hi Choco!I use to talk with people face to face...still works!innocent grin cool wine

conversing Silence is more valuable than gold! laugh roll eyes laugh

Chocobouquet I think sending text message is still quite OK for Rp600 per message grin It depends on your phone provider and the country you want to reach to, but nowadays calling overseas is quite reasonable for Rp 1,000/minute (including tax) teddybear
I like using text messaging and of course emailing. You're right about long distance calls, they cost a fortune.
As for smoke signals not everyone understands them and fire trucks keep showing up nerd
Write letter. But write one in first week and write one in second week, because it will take long time to receive the letter and we can know how to continue our communicate laugh laugh laugh
Me and my Jasmine communicate in many ways.

Skype (for Windows and Ubuntu)
Google Talk (on PC with video, Android with chat)
Viber (on Android)
Nimbuzz (sometimes when one is on the PC and the other on a phone)
Google Drive (to send pictures)
...but we now changed to
Ubuntu One (for filesharing)
Facebook (we seldom use the chat, more to upload pictures)
Gmail (we use it mostly for Google Talk)
Connectingsingles (to talk about important things)
Hotmail (we have it but only used it once)
Empathy (built in program in Ubuntu)

Favourite program is Google Talk, it works well on both Windows and Linux.
I wish that Skype could be more scalable, because it has become se heavy these days. Too many functions and I don't want to connect the program to Facebook or other applications.

On the phone, Viber is superior, both for voice talk and messaging.

purple heart
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