parenting failure

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The guy in pink shirt is watching an instrution video as he also want babies.
nice one choco teddybear
Stripper there to give the baby a drink too, only fair. beer
hi morgy! what were they thinkingdoh
hi virgo just amazed me when i saw thiswave
That kid in the red car there is the worst so far, jmo.
it will be your turn , one day cheering
That kid in the back of the car swore.laugh grin
I once walked on on my parents humping when i was 12... ducked out fast tell you that!
Being forced to watch it is really f-ed.
hey v...maybe! but if i am one i will certainly cautiongrin
at least he hasnt got jandles on frustrated
shock really thumbs down

Hi all! there are 1000's but i had to stop! haha
Little Girl in Pink..."Mummy Whats a Muff???"laugh laugh laugh grin
that would be what i'd call "ugly" sigh
Awful doh I have also seen many times pictures of babies "posing" with alcohol bottles or cigar in their mouth or showing middle finger... Such pics are considered very "cute" and "fun", the same way some fathers love to teach their babies to curse just to brag with it in front of relatives and friends.

Good topic Choco! thumbs up bouquet
the woman drinking from the bottle is the worst.
clearly, the child, with arm extended, is thirsty, and mom is denying her a drink. cruel laugh

seriously, good topic, maybe parents to be, should sit some kind of an exam, ie being shown these pics, for starters, and asking them if they can see anything wrong ?
should the man on the motorbike be driving ? when clearly ..he is pregnant too !rolling on the floor laughing
I can also see mothers who spend hours in restaurants and cafes while their babies or little children cry for hours being tired, hungry or thirsty. Even in the terrible heat that we are having this summer, I could hear such kids crying at lunch time when they should be at home sleeping after a good lunch. Same late at night, even at midnight.
Some parents have no mercy and want to live their life the way they did before having children...

I also think that many people don't know why they want to have children. They do it just because ëveryone have children". It s a crucial decision in one's life not something like buying furniture.
I wonder what is more pornographic, disgusting and depraving for a kid to watch people having sex than watching on the telly all this violence, killing, murder and blood, just asking dunno dunno dunno
I'd agree with you ariel. Parenting is a total class on its own and people who become parents intentionally or unintentionally better smarten up and stand by 3 important things: love, commitment and responsibility.
@space: they're all violent and abusive to me dunno
June, I don't know I surprise when child some people having sex in the woods, it never disturbed me but when I saw violence on telly I used to have nightmares, this is why I am asking? Just want to have ideas from other people and how they are seeing it?? handshake cheers
thumbs up i'd venture to say it's a cultural thing, but nah, i suppose children see things differently too handshake
tx guys for commenting!there are a lot worse not sure i should post, maybe later! some pics i have seen taken by mostly woman are for profile pics maybe on fb, my space etc!
Space, hey if you wanna watch your parents have sex then just slip onto their bed late at night.... thumbs up
Just don't demand me to do it too. lol. I also don't want to see my sister have sex with her bf.

To the violence at telly. Don't want them exposed to that neither no.

I cashier at a 24 hour store. I can't believe the number of parents dragging there children to the store after 10pm. For me, bed time is 8pm. Just the other night a parent got angry at a child who was acting up and threatened "you're going to bed when we get home!" I thought, what else would that child be doing at 11pm?
Watch mum and dad do doggy goldie, what elso. Or maybe watch the usual xxx with mummy of she is single at that point.

Better then the late night news + smoking and drinking till 3, if it's kindergarden at 7, innit.
I agree June. I had my daughter when I was 23 and my son when I was 26. And I totally changed my life accordingly to these new creatures. Especially in the first several years, when the child is totally helpless and depending on you, you have to devote your time and care to them. Children need to have regular life, it is not only healthy and educating for them but also make them feel safe and secure. I have also read and experienced that till the age of 14 the children need the close physical presence and contact with their mother.

For me, the biggest responsibility about everything concerning children, is of the mother. So in all the cited and showed cases I blame the mothers.
Morgen your last comment made me remember that one of my son's class-mates in the primary school (age of 8-10) used to watch some German porn channel since his parents hadn't forbidden this option. So he educated all the children and my son brought home some expressions, like: Spritz mehr! laugh doh
What can i say except jaaa jaaa Helga.. mehr schøøøøne!

rolling on the floor laughing
Ja, ja Helga and Herr Flick laugh rolling on the floor laughing
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