dont judge me

Before you judge me, My past or My character...Walk in my Shoes, Live my sorrows, My fears, my pain... Remember everyone has a story.. When you've lived my Life, Sure you can Judge Meapplause applause teddybear
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I will NEVER judge you Vishal, that is a promise! wine
Yes we all have a story but you will be judged.Its fair.wave cheers Most of the time.grin
HMM!..Judging others to some on here is a Sport!!scold doh
cheers thumbs up handshake
Judgement is nessesary anyone saying they dont judge forgoes there right to an opinion.How would anyone decide anything without makeing a choice?confused
Judge you! What moron would be able to judge another human being, having himself born, thanks to a woman? peace
I'll judge you, but never prejudge (prejudice) you!
John Stamos + Nicholas Cage = viashal2010
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