Is it working now? the lights are on, but no ones homemoping
gonna IM myself, to see if it worksrolling on the floor laughing
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I think the IM is not working it is visible but doesnt work, its a shame wave
Mine is also not working...wave
i mean the IM... yay peace sad flower
yeah, I miss the good old days ,when I was known a Boban the flasher ...grin
lonely!wave sounds like u really wanna imlaugh
giggle giggle hunter scold
hunter, looks like your having mixed emoticons on this
What do i do? press the IM button?

Choco can i press you button? now? innocent
boban..i hearda rumour it was a case of mistaken identity! they thought it was a womanblushing laugh
morg u already have me on speed diallaugh
Was the Internet m**turbation button so sticky cs had to remove it?

roll eyes
wow was there one! i must have been busy with the gossip buttonconversing
boban..i hearda rumour it was a case of mistaken identity! they thought it was a woman

well the fake boobs were a compensation for a lousy nose job...grin
CHOCO :- smtym...!dancing dancing
JUNE: reunion bowing bowing bowing
i mean t down southtongue
Choco yes I used to love the IM thing when it worked it was nice I like chatting wave that is why I said it is a shame is not working because it is a better way to chat with people here instead of giving my personal addy wink
lonely i hear you! but what i didnt like is when it popped up like that! haha gave me a fright
down south??

lets blame it on cold weather...grin
Yes does not work like the good ole days. sadly missed by me crying
it was the hottest summer that year bobanlaugh
Choco form the time i crete a profile on this site, it never worked are like 8 months from back then o more wave
Think it's been not in function all my 1.5y either.
I'm fine with skype thou.

choco,i dont care about IM.i only use my own webcam site where u pay and see me naked.wink laugh

But only from frontprofessor
Thanks for the hug, Choco...Id luv to IM you for an instant chathandshake
i know laz been down for yearswave
yes morg on skype you can blocklaugh
rummy, i would never waste my hard earn cash! i hate clowns and if i wanted to see a cartoon strip id watch sponge bobwink
uma tx but strictly men onlywink
Nah its not working still.. sorry Chocbomb youre gonna have to stalk me via email as per usual...grin
Relax Choco,

I obey the laws of Elect and Magnetism myself...I repel like poles when it comes to magnetism but am neutral when it comes to friendship. Hence the handshake emoticon ( a hand offered in friend ship)

Nevertheless I like your forthright stance and the wink which suggested that was in good humour....atta girllaugh
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