funny, but not entirely true

China is winning so many medals cause all the equipments made in Chinalaugh
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China and the U.S. have been neck in neck with the number of medals but as of today we are head of them in number of medals but they are ahead of us in number of gold.

We won two big golds last night and hopefully another big one tonight for mens gymnastics.applause
I could have every piece of equipment known to mankind....methinks I still would not get into an olympic team! Luckily, that is not on my to-do list.

they are being let win , you dont jump up and down on your tradeing partner , no matter what country they are from ...wave
welcome to the conspiracy club...grin
Lol! uh oh
You are jealous that's why you talk like that.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi choco,

Do they still take children of ability from about 5 years of age and train (and abuse) them from then?

z wave
Exactly Virgo they are beeing let to win, is all about guverment and other, Rumanian girls had done a very good job is not fair they didnt have no medal by now. frustrated

Nigt to mencion what a nice fizic have rumanian girls near others participants, who look fat banana
I sorry i take it back we did win gold at shooting with gun, our guy took gold. applause
Lazly Hi,

A question.

Is it good for young children to start training from as young as 4 for olympic Gold?

This includes Romanians. Personally I don't think so.

Got to go will answer any reply later.

Equipment my ars. USA has the technology of the great records and the pills to affort it and chinese the money to buy the knowledge of all the former east block gurus of doping. All the others ur talking about is plain BS.
ahhh pleeese don,t fight there is enough olympic spirit being bought made money out of etc. Did you see out hug mad Boris Johnson now he has fun spirit.banana cheering applause
@. Zanda,
Irina retires her due to healhty problems. Is true they start train very young.wave
hi Red, we do not fight we discuss wich is diffrent then argue and fight laugh

hug bouquet
Okay okay I take the boxing off I wont get gold I knowlaugh
But I have loved every minute when the atheletes are talked too, it seems their minds are a million miles away from media money etc. just hard 4 and more years work for this games.teddybear
One of the sailors for china is named(aching Wang ) serious this is the Olympic with the funniest names!
From America (desinty hooker) china again (dong dong) from America again ( warren muff) you can find other funny names that are in the olympic this year as well! Have fun and remember, so what if my humor is childish , EAT SOME CORN!
O.M.G. its hard to win, you can make an arguement for anything.Anyway i just like to watch the dang things laugh wavegrin
Choco..I should get a Least Bronze on here for talking Crap and the Gold and Silver will go to others!!!grin roll eyes
handshake bouquet hug
Congrats to China, but I was told I am gold digger so my gold collection should have more than what it gets now laugh devil
thank you all for your comments! esp lachi! my hands are sore gfrom digginglaugh
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