A True Love Story =(

Here's a story of a girl who left all alone in her life... I was in 9th grade when a guy started loving him like hell. He was actually crazy for me. Used to gift me flowers, choclates and many more and I never ever accepted his proposal.He even cut his nerves and wrote my name on his wrist which was actually too daring but still I never ever realized his love for me. I always thought it's just an infactuation. But he never stepped back. In the school parties he used to follow me altough his subjects were different but still he used to manage that. The irritating thing he did was he hired a Video maker to shoot only my video in the school party. Which was too much... But when his friends asked him about this he used to say he is crazy for me. Not even him all our tachers as well. And it was still me who was not realizing his love.

Every day he used to follow me from school till my home and this happened for at least 3 years. But one day he didn't come I thought he might be busy with something. And the days passed away I couldn't see him. I thought he is fed up of coming after me. But I started missing him. After 2 months when he didn't come after me I met his friend and asked about him. I came to knew that he is in Hospital, there are only 3 months left for him to live. As he got Brain tumor which was not curable I was stunned. I couldn't stop myself and rushed to the hospital where I saw him lying in the bed and only asking for me. And when he saw me there I think he was the happiest person on this world he said that he really loves me and wants to marry me. I knew the truth but I accepted his proposal we couldn't marry but I gave him my love for next 3 months. I gave him all I have physically as well as mentally.

I recall that day when he was in his last stage. He was terribly weak and there were only three words he was saying that he loves me more than anything and will come back in my life soon. He was just praying for one thing that in every Birth he gets me as his love.

He is no more now I lost him on 15th March 04 but I have his love for me... Our baby (which came when we made love in those 3 months) and I have never married anyone. As I don't want to share our love with anyone. It's been a year passed I am living with my baby and with his love. I know he is there with me and will protect me everytime. teddybear teddybear
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You know, this story is a little weird. It's possible his odd obsessive behavior, which would be called "stalking" by many people, was actually a warning sign of his brain tumor.
how did he make ya a baby?uh oh are there any secret ways i dont know?laugh
Maybe if ya used quotes " Her story....." and you're narrating it - would make more sense! wink laugh
He ( or she ) had a baby in 3 months ? ? ? ..confused . . .I think you had better proof read your " stories " before you try springing them on us .
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