Yesterday was the first time I did it! It was scary and exciting!having to breath thru ur mouth only and trying to swim with flippers was a bit difficultm I kept coming up for air!I did see a huge turtle and some fish! But sadly mostly rubbish which was disgusting and disturbing how people can mess up the islands beauty! Today I will go a bit further out in the sea and another island to see jelly fish and sting rays! P.s getting sting by tiny jelly fish not so great seeing a 50year old sea turtle priceless!
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Have fun!! But I agree with you about the debris. There is no reason to be a litter pig.
Souds like your haveing fun Choco,if you see angel that means you ran out of oxygen dont do thatrolling on the floor laughing j/k have fun stay away from stingrays the turtles will be amazeing.thumbs up yay yay yay wave
I hate all forms of litter! The water is amazingly clear
Choco, How amazing ! Just a few yards off the shore lies another world . It is full of colors and shapes and life . Sadly, many people use it for there personal trash can !
I just wanna see the rays not get stung!hehe
I went snorkling in aqaba, many years ago. what a wonderful experience... never done it since... but wow, and then when the sea bed drops away ,, it takes your breath too... incredible..cheers
Yes frank it is! The locals don't seem to care! They litter everywhere spoiling the scenery here and there! But its still all good!
Yes calp! In the back of my mind I'm thinking bout those shows on nat geo about how people got attacked by things in the sea scares me a little but seeing all those amazing things are awesome
Choco Wow how great hey.
the feeling u have when under water, at peace with everything, small fish, some coral, turtles, bigger fish, maybe a sting ray, all is great
just be careful when u here the music
dun da....dun da....dun da..dun da..dun da..dun da.dun da dun da dun da dun da dun da dun da...........
have a great time choco.
Oh it's always the one u dont see that gets u...
wave wave wave rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
the sea snakes looked really big, but in reality, they were only small... thank god...(I hate snakes)
Tx simmo! Take it easy with the emoticons
Cal! I hope I don't meet and great any snakes! The current is really strong and I'm not a good swimmer! Plus I hurt my back when our speed boat hit a log! And left us stranded for 30 mins at night in the ocean! Hehe
i have to confess.... i had two US navy seals swimming next to me..
it gave me a feeling of confidence, knowing that i had two of the worlds best swimmers at my aid , should i have needed it...
it helped, especially in deeper water, away from the reef.
Lucky u.I only had an old pair of jeans drifting near me
ha ha ha Choco.
but hey, you enjoyed, and you will remember forever, yeah ? that is the important thing.
i must admit , I never saw any rubbish, but then again it was a long time ago for me, almost a different life....things were different for me then ...totally different, and Aqaba is /was not a populated area at the time, but the gulf of Aqaba still remains an important geographical place.
night night lady..wave
they were my jeans, can u please retrieve them and send them back to me. thats a good girl. Ta. hug

only 1 emoticon this time ok.
Yes indeed! One of my many adventures! Night x
Haha sim! I wouldve known it was urs if a tent hit me in the face(jokes) will send u a message in a bottle tho lucky you are!! frustrated
Last time, I had a plan to Derawan Island and nearby (Maratua, Kakaban)..but I HAD TO cancelled it due to my boss asked me to finish my work before I resign. blues blues doh frustrated

Enjoy the jelly fish :D choco
Hi Choco!

It sounds like great fun. cool
Hey narnia! What a shame! All I can say its different I still prefer bali!
Yes richard it is kinda fun! But not when they decide to play asian karaoke!! @ 5am in the morning
Choco whats with the tent jokes.....crying crying
i'll be waiting for that message in the bottle....
sounds like a song......rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Choco...wave most memorable snorkeling experience for me was, mid 90's; trip to Mauritius, water there was crystal clear and the fish colorful & plentiful. thumbs up Great hobby or activity to have if you're near the handshake yay peace
Swimming and snorkeling was and probably still is one of my favs. Did it sometimes the whole day in and at the Rhine when the water level was low.
way to go choco cheering have fun...
Choco, I'm jealous. I love the ocean but I live very far from it....haven't snorkelled nor diven for a long time now....crying

but will be heading out to an island coming Saturday so I can not wait to soak myself in sea water again.......cheering
Is this why, you were disappeared for some time? confused doh handshake yay peace
Awesome Choco! don't get stung but by all means don't let it worry you. The first time I went I nearly forgot to come up for air it was so beautiful. thumbs up
It was so excited for me when first time did that. And make wanna more and more to do snorkeling banana
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