the Magic of Make Up

Earlier today, a friend sent me a pic of a doll like girl named Kotakoti..she has flawless skin, bambi eyes, and soft hair.. I really love her face!
Then I went to google her and found out some photos of her BEFORE the flawless make up.

She's a pretty girl but she looks completely different with the perfect make up..
Then I went to search some of female celebrities I adore so much for their beauty..

Drew Barrymore

Not so great without make up, although she's still the same Drew Barrymore..

CL (a band member)

She looks HOT isn't she???
Well, scroll down..

The same person, CL..
Without make up

Now, I love CL, but sans makeup she looks … what’s the word..what’s the word…oh right…UGL…I mean…DIFFERENT.

More example, my beloved Tiffany Hwang, the flawless beauty.. (Member of band Girl's Generation)

Care to look up her appeareance BEFORE debut?

Although the ‘before’ photos are taken from Tiffany’s teenage years, no one goes through puberty and ends up looking like she does now (unless you’re Neville Longbottom). I mean, all I did during puberty was gain weight and get darker.

And please look up this pic below. Before and After picture, taken from a popular Taiwanese makeup show. It is a prime example of how makeup can drastically change a woman’s appearance.

I once heard that in a certain Asian society, an important piece of advice that mothers often give to their sons is to take their girlfriend swimming at some point in the relationship. Studies from gossip circles have shown that such precautions significantly reduce the likelihood of a heart attack after the couple is married. Why is this so? The answer lies in the power of makeup.
Although one third of me feels ill at the objectification of these women and the other third feels indignant at their narcism, the rest of me is screaming: ‘TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS! TEACH ME!!!’ I do know how to apply make up, but I want to be looking as gorgeous as these women above.

Now you’re probably thinking WTF! Makeup is totally distorting the hunting ground and making victims out of innocent men! And I agree, to an extent. On the other hand though, I believe that men who are superficial enough to like a woman for her looks alone, probably deserve to be ‘tricked’ as such.peace

Oh, one more picture for the bonus

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I am fan of NATURAL beauty >>> No make up, no plastic surgery...

Guys, if you want to prove that your girlfriend is truly beauty, better to see her without make up... ask her to remove her make up...Make up face is not your real face... bouquet grin cool
And you look adorable without make up, Cyn... bouquet
Interesting point, Cyn. Realtors know that the best time to look at a house is in the rain. By seeing the house under the worst possible conditions, you can get an idea of what it would be like to live there, as well as seeing the condition of the house in the rain. Similarly, seeing a woman without makeup (the natural look) tells you what she will look like on a normal daily basis. Light, you look awesome in your natural pics! You don't even need any makeup at all!
Hugger, that's really sweet of you to say... Come here so I can hug you hug
The biggest transformation that women have at their disposal with makeup is apparent eye size. It literally transforms a woman's face. Not always in a way that is better, but, gives out a different image completely.

Here's an extreme example.

Hi MADDOG wave

Unfortunately I can't see the know why.. But I'll go and check soon as I'm back on my laptop..

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