How to trust love!?

Love is like a bird. One day wake up with bird singing outside the window and the life looks cheerful then it turns noon and the bird flies away.

Love is like a cloud in the sky, a moment of beauty but it could not be kept

Love is like a taste of a drink but it is soon found gone after drink is finished. But if drink is kept in glass without drinking its taste will be melt sooner or later.

Love is like a fire, it is hot when touching but it is hard to keep on for a life time.

Love is a mess of feeling but getting free of such mess then love is no longer existent

Love is a key of life but it could not unlock anything of life.

So love when it comes, enjoy every second of it, when it goes thanks every moment of it.

Have a nice Sunday for you and myself.
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The love of Man is described in I Corinthians 13.
Thanks for passing by. this is my own not corinthian.
Human nature / emotions change, so i would trust God s Love, which is described in 1 Corinthians 13.
Love is not a bird or cloud or taste of drink or fire or mess feeling or key… Love is neither anything of those!

Love is when you understand someone enough that make you think you want to be with that person, no one else can be more important than that person in this world!

Love is when you know someone is not perfect but you don’t hesitate to be with that person and tell him/her mistakes in gentle/kind ways!

Love is when you dare to commit to be with that person no matter what (rich or poor, bliss or sad, healthy or sick)… you won’t leave that person.

Uhmmm… so… there are so many couple after so many years in love… they start to feel tired of each other… this is because no more love…

Thus, yes, when love come, enjoy every second of it… BUT… when it goes… instead of “thanks every moment of it” I would feel regret about that!! WHY? Because there are NOT so many people able to find their real love (so far as I know). So, when someone find real love and don't try to keep it and let it goes! This is REGRET!

But since it had happened so I may thank for the lesson but I do believe that no one want a painful lesson more than just love, respect love and to be loved.

Just my opinion!

Have a nice weeken!wave
Why make it so complicated?!?!

If you want to be with each other and the feeling is right then It's it and that's that!
Now as that so hard?
I don't try to make it complicated just try to describe how it is complicated itself. beer
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