I am a Christian and have been since the 5th grade. I watch politic's and it really
bothers me trying to mix religion and Government. And it really bothers me a child
can't pray in school. The radicals fight for power and control has ruined it for both
sides. I see the lust for power ruining it for the people of this Country.

My relationship with Jesus Christ isn't influenced by force. It's simple as allowing God to love me through His Spirit and that act brings out the best of me sometimes. The Settlers just where running from religious rule and can't dumb people read and see the Constitution goes towards freedom from dictatorship. If you radical Christians actual knew Christ you would understand if someone came into His Love dictatorship is pointless and Love changes the heart. I am going to put an example of cause and effect from the 2.

dictatorship by Government based on religion: people will be pissed, it will push people
away from God, the satan wins because it will be force and not free Love. It will discredit
the Gospel of Jesus Christ to radical.

Free Love through God's Grace: John 15 states abide in me and you will bear much fruit. So reality says we don't need dictatorship we just need Love. The Holy Spirit (((God's Love))) creates the conscience through conviction and Grace. So reality all people need is encouragement and the act of leading them to God's Love.

I don't agree with homosexuality, or abortion. My opinion as I have said a million times I will never agree with the act of homosexuality but don't on the band wagon to dictate these peoples life. As far as abortion out of the blue to me is wrong but rape victims I have no answer for. Abortion yes Government should have a say because its the process of eliminating life, but as far as homosexuals getting married at the court house for benefit's who gives a shit. As long as they are not pushing the homosexual life style this way I could give a damn less.

And I have been called a homophobe and really don't give a damn about that label also. Reality is a dude that could be possibly attracted to me bothers me really bad. It's awkward and also brings out a really mean side of me. So reality is I am not for dictating the gay people just please respect my heterosexuality and I will support your civil rights. Just trying to keep it real a little here and not pretend to be someone I am not. And guys who pretend to accept these things to get women you are boarder line pathetic.

To keep society happy and no one getting radical for lost of rights. We as people have to respect the rights of other's and also secure our rights by not attacking others rights. I strongly believe we should all calm down and not starve for drama and strife. We are all God's children at the end of the day just some of us are not as bright as the other and we need to guide others to the realm of common sense. Common sense and non radical mind set's can save this World.
Common Sense 101
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Ehhhh we had that one over here in the 1500s.
The reformation is the period of history.
Check it out. Its how the Protestant church began dunno

Are you saying it was done wrong confused
Ehhhh we had that one over here in the 1500s.
The reformation is the period of history.
Check it out. Its how the Protestant church began dunno

Are you saying it was done wrong confused
hmmmm nice blog, you should change home, in my country they teach religion and pray in schoolcomfort
Don't worry about what the Government does. They say children can't pray in school but they can. In their minds they can talk to Jesus all day. Jesus can hear them. What ever the Government does to go against God, is going to fail.
We need to focus on Jesus second coming. We don't want to lose focus. Don't think that Jesus doesn't know what is going on. All in his time brother, all in his time. yay
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