Do the research and let's weigh evidence in history. The Catholic Church killed
people for not following their ways all through history. The founding Baptist Church
and its doctrine where seen as heresy. And they burnt these men and women at
the stake to death. Now the people who created the America we know where men
and women fed up with the radicalism of the Catholic Church and their dictatorship.

Hilter was a Catholic professing Catholic. He killed many Jews and started WW2. White supremacist hate Israel, the Jews and also we know black people. I have even read that the Catholic Church are responsible for the mafia and even mexican cartel. Now I may be wrong but well it may be accurate. I mean and now questions are being raised are the muslim terrorist hired mercenaries. Makes sense hire some poor dudes and get them to confess your crimes and get them to do your dirty work. I mean we are free to our suspicions Free World!!!

Catholic Church these are our suspicions but as History proves that the Almighty God that holds the Free World and its beloved people in the palm of His hands and no religion will never own or dictate. We will continue to put our foots up your a**'s as we have all through time. Men and Women will fight and scratch for their freedom and put their foot up anyone's a** who threatens this freedom. And I will back them 110% percent. So reality is if these suspicions are true please put down your sword wear your choke necks and do your hail mary's and let people be free to Love God as they choose not you.
God Sense 1o1
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They Dont Burn them anymore!!!scold scold scold
They Root them Instead!!!yay yay yay
sad flower sad flower sad flower
Already had one there Thank!!handshake
"Didnt Hurt!!tongue tongue" Nar Nar Ner Na Na!!! tongue
I watch Fr Ted every Sunday angel
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