Does anyone know we are slightly over populated. And haven't anyone
noticed the onward promotion of homosexuality? I mean think about
it promoting same sex if many go on board they thin the population
in time. I find this radical and also promotion of s*xual acts in
everyday life is s*xual harassment by law.

If God is willing and I have kids I don't want them to witness a man
half dressed promoting his sexuality. I would get really pissed off and
have a temptation to be an un kind person that day. No one has a right
to push or promote sexuality on anyone. That's like forcing kids in school
to watch heterosexual porn. It's unlawful and the public shouldn't stand
for it. If us heterosexuals have to act according to law the homosexual
community will have to do the same.

Let's say Government is involved in this promotion to thin out the population.
Do you understand harassing people that you work for is also criminal and
conspiring s*xual harassment is borderline illegal. The Free World will not
stand for it, be up front like China and say hey we are over populated
and we need to all chip in to bring about stability. I have had a lot of slander
plots conspired against me, and frames. I can't talk about it but these dumb
a** people where just playing a psychical satan.

If I look at porn Free World it will be playboy or penthouse. I am a product
of Jesus Christ and do not agree with same sex relations. I don't oppose civil liberties
and also don't think Government should dictate the homosexual community. But I do
not agree with harassment and promotion forced on kids or myself. I refuse to be
harassed or pushed into a s*xual choice. I am an independent man and I really
get pissed at peer pressure or forced influence. This is the makeup of the Free World
and the hidden acts by many as Jesus said will come to light. I am not afraid of
you and will continue to run my mouth. I will not be slandered, harassed, or told
I am something when I am not. I can sue, press charges, and also bring a legal
hell storm on all offenders.
Common Sense 101
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JHC is your Pa?confused
Now you Stop that This Instant!!scold scold
E J Hoover...
Yes over population is BS promoted by the NWO bunch. If you do the math you can see that you could fit all 7 billion people on the world into the state of Texas with over a thousand square feet per person.

I dont understand same sex relationships either but really its none of my business.
The way I see things is that children are gifts from God. When the parents of these children don't stand up to be the parents they have become, then it's up to people like me to step in and save them from a life of hell. Make the parents suffer and sterilize them. End of problem.

As for homosexuals, they are born to be who they are. It's not some form of life choice they make. Women can be as bad as any of them when it comes to promoting sexuality. I notice how often they wear skirts up to their brains and shirts down to their belly exposing more than just skin.

If sex bothers you turn the channel or turn the t.v. off. If more people were to do this, just maybe there would be less promotion of the things that offend you. cool
its not a over population problem its a resource problem.
Not enough to go around I am assuming.
facts of life
people can accept women under dressing
but when men it gets weird

all I am asking think about the kids man.
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