Who is the hottest female actress in Hollywood today?
so many attractive females these days I can't say.......................

sexiest female adult star?

sexiest female singer?
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Patty Kerry!!!yay yay yay handshake
cheers beer thumbs up
How am I supposed to know who is in Hollywood today ? dunno
What am I, a stalker ? detective
wow what a contrast to your other blogslaugh
I would have to say I don't know but when I was a movie fan years ago I really liked Madeline Kahn. But Jewish women always had my attention.

@cherrie! I know! This one caught me by surprise too!
wow you don't have to be a stalker
to think someone is attractive
Rihanna in my view is the hottest female singer and do you need to ask whysmitten joy cartwheel gotta go lips heart wings heart beating heart1 bouquet teddybear love

Sorry messed up the videodoh

Here she is the sexy lady herself Rihanna

Fame and FORTUNE seekers are not my ideal...wow wow wow
But, how would I know they were actually IN Hollywood today.
They might be elsewhere on vacation. tongue
I could not care less...sorry to say so, but I have other, better things to do in my life...grin grin wink wink wave
laugh I do not know if she is the hottest but I think the most beautiful actress and model with absolutely angel face and perfect body is Andie Macdowell
thumbs up
well saggi you are not bad looking yourself
I am not the hottest Hollywood actress laugh angel
but yes, I will send your appreciation to my mom, thanks to her genetic material I am who I am laugh
Do you mean the prettiest ones with make up?? Because we all know allot of them look allot different in real life then how we see them on our screen.
whats that old school song..........
she gets it from her momma? lol
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