His Heart-Song

OMG, she's finally graced us with a new song! It's the story of his heart. Starting with explaining that years go by, love changes, and you can't go back, only forward. Then on to, what are you choosing? You have choices to make, and why am I in your life? Set me free, to love someone else.

When you run from your fears again, we won't pick up the pieces, we're all pissed off, with your different stories, and when you come back, you have to stop leaving psychological bruises, so wake up. Love me or set me free, pull me close where I feel I belong, even if I don't feel a part of you, after promises were made.

What is your choice? I can stay...but let me in...let me help you heal...

It's not exactly an angry song, it's more of a true love song but about a couple who need to put themselves back together after a big fall.

So...here it is..

There's a different plan for us
Why can't you see it, love
What you thought those years ago
It's all been changed, it's all been changed
You can't go back to that time
Expect me to do it all over again


Where are you in this life?
What have you chosen for you
Why do you feel I belong here?

Set me free, oh, let me be
I'm not your prisoner
I am your beating heart

Listening to the skip of lost beats

Out of luck when you run, child
No one is there to pick up your rotten pieces
You left us all jaded in our confusion
Delusions telling us different stories
Didn't you think, if you ever came back 'er
You'd need to stop leaving bruises in my mind

Wake up!

Where are you in this life?
What have you chosen for you
Why do you feel I belong here?

Set me free, oh, let me be
I'm not your prisoner
I am your bleeding heart

Listening to the drip of dread

Are you saying I must be gone
Or will you pull me back to see
Where I belong in this
I just don't feel a part of you
You're never there
Your heart...beats...naught...

Promises made

Where have you gone in this life?
Have you chosen to stay or leave
Why do I feel like, I still belong here?

Don't let go, oh, you have all of me
Let me in
I am your healing heart

Feeling you, again
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Who? Who graced us with a new song? Sorry, I'm lost here?grin wink
Umh, it's rather obvious. Who posted the song? I did. o.O
And who are you??? Please answer question... this is an so, so imp.
Yeah, but did you write it as well? Everyone can take the lyric to a song and post it, and not all understand who the artist is? So, is it yours, tell us?grin dancing
I don't think she did Welela or else she would take the credit for it. I not sure it is important... just emotions.
Gee thanks for the vote of confidence folks. Maybe I've overstayed my welcome. Look through my blog and you'll see I'm a damn song writer. I didn't put up a youtube video to somebody elses song. I posted lyrics, that I wrote from my damn life. If you don't like it, just say so, and leave me be.
Thanks Sol, Where have you been????
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