A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bottom line America and Free World
you need to demand 24/7 surveillance
the military are paid by tax dollars
and you have a right to see what they
are doing with those tax dollars
if they call you terrorist or threaten
with arrest send the threats to the U.N.
this is 100% not acceptable
moving severe weather away from people
is good but creating it to harm is terrorism!!!

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carefull man , a drone might have you in their sights ....wave
I thought the Irish made the Best HAARPS ???thumbs up thumbs up
well with the 21 st of december comming fast , and then what could or could not happen , from the end of the earth as we know it ...all the way to the north and south poles swapping around and the earthquakes that will flattern every stone or brick building and then the fires burning every thing thats left ...and then if all that happens and there are only 144,000 left alive on the whole planet , and all this happening in your winter , and if harp can stop your country from freezing over , I'm sure you will be happy to have something to divert the bad weather ....thats if theres any power left to run it...thats if ??

or the worse that could happen is the earth only going half way around and the north is in total darkness for 3 monts or more and the south pole melts completely and the north pole freezes over with 500 feet of ice on every square inch of the northern hemisphere , .......and every one dead except for a few ...

but if I have my way nothings going to happen , just a great summer for us , and you will be snowed in ...

Stop it Virgo!! You will put Jules Verne out of Business!!!wow wow doh
laugh laugh laugh

Don't play this HAARP!angel2 angel2
Shhhhh!! Stop talking about it or the aliens at area 51 will come and get you.transport
with all your blogs about it they will come and intern you....conversing
I have a job

I would never work for something so secretive

I believe in boldness and honesty

not lies and cover up's
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