My partner say ''I young than she. Lol

My partner can believe I old than she, hahaha
She say I like young girls, maybe
Many friends say like that to, I know cos sometime my action like child,
Do you think I young than my age?
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Hi Xinchen: I don't know. I would have to know your age and see you if anyone can answer your question. How old do they think you are and what is your real age.
What do you do that makes them think that?
So your friend thinks you look young and immature for your age. That's funny because I have the same problem. And, yes, you do look younger than 30.

When I was young I would get "carded", that is, checked for age when I would go into a bar and order a drink. Now, I get carded when I ask for a Senior Discount (seniors discounts begin at 50) even though I am 72!

Some people act serious and are very strict and some people act friendly and happy and that makes you "immature" in the eyes of others. I get "policed" that way too! Just have fun and be yourself!
Hi xinchen
I checked your Profile and it says you like Men.

Your blog refers to your partner as She (a Woman).dunno
He (a Man) thumbs up

Hope this helps
If i am wrong I am Sorry for the unnecessary correction handshake
Nonsmoker : partner mean is colleague in office. I like man
Nonsmoker : partner mean is colleague in office. I like man
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