Looks like the Holidays are coming up fast

There supposed to be a time for joy and celebration, . .but sometimes they can bring a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression . .. .doh

What do you guys have planned to keep your Holidays , . . Happy, Hopeful, and Hoppin . .dancing cheering
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there is always christmas clix snowball throw laugh
still waiting for enough to build my snowman,christmas eve snowman2
watching porns,shoveling snow ,stirring shit on the blogs and forums ,sending obscene emails ...grin
blushing hopeful then,bobanfrustrated hug
Turning off the phone tele and computer and spending time with family and close friends. That is the best thumbs up
The empty streets and lack of stress dunno
By avoiding the last minute shoppers and enjoying spending time with my guy.hug
Watching football and more football!
Working, but Christmas will always be in my heart.
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