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How to make a Hooker fall in love with you.

I picked up this hooker once, not to sleep with, just wanted some company on a very long trip, about a thousand kms.
I do that if I go on a long trip, cant handle driving miles alone and needed a witness, so I wouldnt get cheated in a business deal on the other side.
anyway, I found that just by treating her as a human with feelings and not trying to sleep with her, she fell totally inlove with me, even contacted me a week ago, just wants to be with me, no fees for her time etc. but, unfortunately, Im meant to be single till I die or until Im broke completely and off the chess table should I say.

but, I realized, that this was actually the easiest way to get a girlfriend. These girls are broken and are lost, and their dignity taken away, nobody feels anything for them, so if you treat her like a human, and dont see her as a hooker or something disgusting what she is doing, she will fall into your lap like a piece of honey and you will actually find a wonderful companion.

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Okay, now we know what to do with a hooker ...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Mr. Creative...yet another blog treating women as inaminate objects...women are REAL people...repeat after me...WOMEN R REAL PEOPLE>>>>>>>> now go in the corner and take your meds for male chauvinism as it is now classified AS A MENTAL ILLNESS...barf barf very mad
HA! And I went to a strip club once simply to get advice from a woman! When it comes to your remarks on “hookers,” I totally disagree with something you’ve said. Not all women that venture into that profession are “broken” or “lost.” Some women decide to use this profession for other reasons. I’m quite certain some women simply enjoy sex. They might view prostitution as a way to have both their s*xual and financial needs met simultaneously. Some might have other reasons. Talking about these women as if they’re all broken down whores that need a man to rehabilitate them is demeaning. Quite a few “feminists” deplore things such as prostitution or stripping but the funny thing is, the woman has a choice to make this her career if she chooses just as she should be able to choose whether or not she has children or gets married. True freedom comes from having the ability to make your own decisions on how you want to lead your life. The only time rights should end is when another person’s rights begin. In other words, someone’s rights should not take away from or negatively impact another person’s. Outside of this, no one has the right to judge. Whether you or anyone else agrees or disagrees is irrelevant. In no way am I saying that women should be objectified or forced to do anything they don’t wish to take part in but I respect their right and do not think less of them for taking part in something that’s harmless in this finite scope.
u are a sad creep.
Sweet, the author or me?
oh it could not be you
@mcajr, the way u treat prostitutes and prostitution is great, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with this blog.
Mr Wtf whatever, expresses himself very clear, and i have to admit i hear this point of view very often here an there and everywhere, so often, that i started to see a very strong base for this point.
@mcajr, u say prostitutes may be women who enjoy sex. I absolutely disagree. Wtf!
Firstly, lets define people who order/use prostitution as services. Certainly, they are those, who cant get sex for free, for maybe lots of reasons, but mostly connected to some physical problems, handicaps, disseases or psycho dissorders, lack of confidence or manners.
What sorts of sex partners can make all those? - i guess - sh*ty ones. Who can enjoy them, letting alone psycho, who maybe good for 2-3 times, no more.
So we just shattered ur 1st myth that prostitution can be enjoyable.
Secondly, why prostitutes are broken. Because, i guess, its hard to lie all the time and be in peace with urself. what are their lies? Oh come on, dont get me started. Didnt u ever hear that u are the biggest one that she ever had? And do u really believe she meant it?
Lost. Of course they are lost, not all of em but for the most part. Rarely do i hear a prostitute has given up prostitution and become a very successful professional in some other area. Of cos, for those who did it, my greatest respect. They are lost in the mess of their own problems and cant keep managing them for a lesser income than that they receive from their work. $100 an hour compared to 20-30 bucks an hour make a big difference.
I am just saying, lets face the truth and call a spade a spade.
There's nothing wrong with this blog, and i just dont understand all the agression towards OP.
Prostitutes/hookers can make a good company, its just very sad that some people dont have friends for that purpose but have to pay a complete stranger to replace them dunno
love the sinner hate the sin ..sigh
When I did my social service in a home for old, poor and disabled people there was one spastic and disabled guy who wanted to have sex. The managers even talked to a prostitute in a city about that and she would have done it for money.
On the other hand millions of healthy people were sent to the chimneys or died in the war.
So there maybe a difference between a professional prostitute doing everything for money and a hooker who has to do it to survive.

Pornstars or centerfolds on the other hand maybe in a situation which allows both: money and s*xual "fulfillment" (no holes barred).

Real Singles r in no good situation compared to that if they miss sex.
Excellent uplifting story on how treating somebody with dignity can restore their faith in human beings.
I'm glad I read this!
I dedicate this blog to Pat lips
I actually miss this guy. :)

I do too...whats up with that?

Not seen him in a few years...kinda made me think he was kinda unbalanced...all those bizzare
He was the weirdest blogger we ever had. I actually saw him one day. Did not talk to him though. He seemed fairly normal as he walked by. Luckily he did not see me.laugh
Wow. Small world
Yeah L.L.. It was always a fascinating time reading his blogs. laugh
That is something Cat.
Tepid.? Was that someone who came back briefly. Tepid,originally was ?
WizardGlick? help
Oops,West Hollywood dunno
Not so small, we happened to be living less than 5 km apart at the time near the fringes of the Cape Town metropole; not very densely populated and we were bound to run into each other at some stage.
I'm off to be a hooker cartwheel
Merc, remember..he stopped paying her, after the first go.
Because he was so incredibly easy to fall in love with
Think with your pocket not your heart professor
Oh shit that will teach me for not reading every word hole

Thanks for pointing that out Molly I usually read everything but it's latewave
See, I saved your body and eternal soul from damnation grin
You girls are terrible!!!rolling on the floor laughing
'Hooker' are human beings, You can't put all women who sell sex for a living in to one box. She fell for you because she fell for you. Many women in the sex trade have men and childen at home.
Maybe in the 3rd world they are poverty stricken and need to feed the kids but many in Ireland and UK go in to the business to pay for their university fees, hardly broken and bashed down by a miserable childhood.

Then you have the women and men who have sex to feed their drug habit which is sad because it is a rough world there.

I think women are women, whether they are sex workers, presidents, women with 10kids or nuns who work damned hard in the 3rd world quietly.

This 'hooker' as you call her, has probably been propositioned by many men who wanted to marry her and to have her for themselves as many high ranking men are often very lonely and end up going to the same woman and often discussing things, an feeling understood.

There ARE women who can cut off from the body and look at this work as a job, as a very lucrative job.
they don't need our pity, or condescending remarks.
Many women who marry for money are prostitutes in the extreme, or who only go out with rich men who spend money on them... isn't that prostitition? not so blatant.
Have a good day.flirty
This is one hell of an idea! I'm getting meself a ex(?) prostitute for a gf. Who cares how many miles she's sat on and how many gallons she's gagged on.
Prostitution can't be all that bad. 2000 years ago a woman was caught in the act and was about to be stoned to death. What saved her was the idea of those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones so to speak. Who among us should judge or criticize? Offering compassion and dignity mercy and give a woman the opportunity to decide her own morality is her freedom. Women want to be empowered and in most cases their power is between their legs. Yet, true power is found in the heart and mind with choice.
There ARE women who can cut off from the body and look at this work as a job, as a very lucrative job.
they don't need our pity, or condescending remarks.
Many women who marry for money are prostitutes in the extreme, or who only go out with rich men who spend money on them... isn't that prostitition? not so blatant.
Have a good day.

Finaly a woman that says the truth, how many divorces are based on short of money, jalousy because they can't have the same as their neighbor, friends etc...? I don't wanne feed them, honestly. And no, not all woman, i know...But reading profiles, you often see, looking for a generous, stable, solvent, like to wine and dine,been spoiled etc...How you call that? A sweeter way to can get laid conditionally...but you also have to be etc....blah, blah blah stop this hypocrisy, I see no harm in what the OP posted, he just spook about humanity....we don't know the background either from that woman...There are like GG said, so many reasons why woman choose to go in prostitution, but its all about MONEY!
Coincidence? But a few days ago I was contacted by a much younger woman who was looking for a sugardaddy ...What's in a name, no,no, thats no prostitution isn't? rolling on the floor laughing
I guess those that attacket the OP, feel guitly? dunno
Geron. Thanks for your kind words on my Blog. If you care to check, there is a site called Sugar Daddies, and Sugar Babes, the entire Site is based on very good looking young 'ladies' who wish to be taken care of finanically by very rich men.
The ironic thing about this is, these women, driving along in the top of the range mercedes with their marrried 'lover' form Sugar Daddy Dating site, would probably wince at the site of a street prostitute standing in the rain, but there is no class where this is concerned, You use somebody for money in return for Sex/Beauty/ youth, but it is a business. love No Hierachy.
I have checked those sites, hilarious, but there must be interest, otherwise they would not exist of course.dunno
miss him, Guadal and Bungalowlaugh
If you want the hooker for a girlfriend and she responds to that, you could get a lot more than just love and company. STD's do come to mind.
His initials are STDlaugh
@ evil, Bunga is/was on the blogs presently I think. Don't know where Guadal disappeared tho. Maybe met up with Happy?dunno
are we allowed to use the word Happywink what's bungalows new name and also do you know how to get hold of whtwhblaugh
Happy is happy not sad.laugh Check out one of CrazyHearts blogs, they were chatting. Can't recall which one tho. Rainbow aka whtwhb I nearly purchased some property from him a few years ago but the place was in the middle of nowhere so I aborted.laugh
oh,so rainbow was really a businessman?rolling on the floor laughing I wouldn't buy water from him in a desert,btw hows the water crisis in cape town?
Eastern Cape as well as the Western Cape have been declared disaster areas because of the drought. I think ol whatwhat just wanted to get away from the tiny village where everyone wanted to assassinate him. One horse town.rolling on the floor laughing He was/is a good guy. Hope he made it to his destination, the UK thodunno

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