Spring update - cherry blossoms & magnolia

The cherry blossoms & magnolia trees are in bloom ! applause
The cherry blossoms & magnolia trees are in bloom ! applause
The cherry blossoms & magnolia trees are in bloom ! applause
The cherry blossoms & magnolia trees are in bloom ! applause

What ? dunno

I figured you might want to know and it beats the heck out of
...'the sky is falling' or Kim is going to nuke us.

It's raining here today & yesterday, but the brief warm spell
this week, sparked the blooming trees
(blooming trees said with a British accent). grin

Yesterday at 'Wallies World' (Walmart) I bought these gorgeous dutch irises.
The variety is called 'Miss Saigon'.
This is what they (will) look like;

---- IMAGE REMOVED because photobucket.com no longer allows embedded images ---- (not my photo)

There are 18 bulbs (many of which have already sprouted)
and I paid $5.88 for the package at Walmart.

I'll be planting them in my yard either this weekend or Monday.

A couple of days ago I planted a row of radish seeds, a row of broccoli seeds,
a row of cauliflower seeds, a row of scallions, and a row of stringbeans.
It was great timing, because of the rains today & yesterday.

Tomorrow I have softball practice with one team and on Sunday another
double header (2 games back to back) in my age 18+ league.
I did really well last week, getting 6 hits and a walk in 9 at bats (8 official).
In the 3rd inning of the second game, I was standing on third base
and their 3rd baseman asked me, "have you made an out today ?"
I retorted, "the day isn't over yet". Unforunately, it was clairvoyant.

The walk was intentional.
I bat leadoff and came up in the 5th inning of the second game
with teammates on second & third base and two outs.

The other team was composed of young guys, ages 18 to 25.
Their shortstop yelled to their pitcher...
"just walk him, he's going to get a hit anyway" laugh

That broke my hit streak though.
My last two at bats of the day, I grounded out to the second baseman
& then to the shortstop. frustrated

Oh well, I can't get a hit EVERY time. dunno

My nextdoor neighbor asked me if I wanted to play tennis this weekend.
I said yes, but twice last year he has found excuses not to play.
So, I won't be holding my breath on us actually playing this weekend.

Currently, I have over 400 items listed on ebay and I'll probably add a few more
this weekend. Now, I have sales just about every day. thumbs up

I'll probably take some more nature photos sometime this weekend.
I found 9 merganzers (small reddish ducks)
(click on photo to see the duck)

---- IMAGE REMOVED because photobucket.com no longer allows embedded images ----(not my photo)

that have been in a particular pond this past week.
However, they will not let me get close at all.

I've also gotten some terrific photos of mother gooses
on their nests and lots of goose egg shots this past week.
It won't be long until there's goslings. applause

So, what are you up to this weekend ? peace
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Aaawwwee, what a lovely Iris in bloom and a beautiful duckling. Love the photos. Thank you for sharing, I do not plan my weekend, I take it as it come. I guess my weekend will be a quiet one and I am so happy for that. Have a wonderful weekend Jim. hug
Ducky duck... quak quak but not ur photo he heee hee
Oh cheRRy love u so much and veRRy laugh
U still play softball, huum very good for u Jimy, i wish that u win tomorrow with ur team applause
Something for the eye! I like nature, but nature makes me sneeze a lot! Still, I am outside as much as possible, means, everyday. Have to find a camper soon, so tomorrow I'll have a look at 2 of them. Should be big enough for my son, dogs and myself as well; someone has to drive the d... thing! What else did I plan for the wk? Cut wood, as it is still cold during night time, so firewood is needed. Anyone around who likes to do the job for me? And and and ..... walking dogs ..... and hope to meet a decent man, who takes all of us, as we are and has no intention of changing any of us. If you knwo a man like that, don't hesistate to mention me. To all of you, a great time with what ever you are up to.
Great photogs as usual!

Nice picture.
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