My Mother's Day you all.

Thanks to all the mother's out there. wave bouquet
Where WOULD we be without you ? dunno

Unfortunately, mine is no longer alive. crying

I know some of you are in a similar situation.

However, if you DO still have parents or a parent,
even though it can be frustrating at times,
cherish them, while you still can. hug
Because there will come a time in the future ,
when you can no longer do so. blues

Anyway, here's to all the mom's out there. bouquet
This is my mother's day gift to you all. bowing
I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Mother's Day everyone ! wave
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scold Thanks Jimmy!
Thanks Jim...handshake
I do appreciate it, altough nothing else then work today, but mothers day I have all year long, looking at my kid and his smile is what I earn by looking after him. Take care all of you.
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