Top O' the morn' to ye lads & lasses

Back when I was in Catholic high school,
one of my best friends, Paul is Irish.
I used to love to go visit his home. applause
This was not only because I was friends with Paul
and his 2 brothers.
But, because both his father and mother were fun and
spoke with a rich thick Irish accent. thumbs up

I could listen to his father for hours tell a story.
I used to love his stories.
Each sentence eventually got to the point,
but along the way it was painted with very colorful adjectives.
The ending of each story was wonderful,
but was almost anticlimactic, because
the painting along the way was a masterpiece of sentences,
each accurately & colorfully described.

This never happened, but will serve as an example.
Of course, we've all heard the joke
about... why did the chicken cross the road ?
Well, if Paul's father ever told this joke (and he didn't)
it would more be like
......the questionable motivation inspiring a plump fowl to traverse
the dark black foreboding conveyance of modern transportation......
all said with a rich Irish accent. laugh

Paul never understood why I enjoyed listening to his father so much. dunno
To him, this was just the way his father talked.
He grew up with it.

To me it was sort of like the Lucky Charms leprechaun was alive
and where I was visiting, except he told rich colorful stories,
rather than just hawking sugary cereal.
I was often invited to dinner with Paul's family and I sometimes wished his father called it "magically delicious". laugh

After dinner was over, dessert followed and Irish coffee was served. beer
This sure beat the spaghetti that was served at my home.

To this day I still love a rich Irish accent.
I also enjoy listening to accents of people from Jamaica.
To me that accent is almost melodic in sound quality.
Believe it or not, the accent of people from Nigeria is somewhat similar in this regard.
I've met some very nice people from there too.
Although it may seem like everyone there is a scammer (especially on the internet),
as usual a few very active people ruin the reputation of the majority.

I also enjoy listening to the accent of people from Sweden or Norway.
And if a scantily clad lovely woman whispers French in my ear,
she's quite liable to become romantically ravished. banana
My ex-girlfriend used to manipulate me in such a way, scold
not that I'm complaining. grin

Are there any particular accents that you enjoy ? dunno

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Except no one EVER says 'Top O' the mornin' to ya lads & lasses '.....
Enjoyable read, thanks.thumbs up handshake
OK Calm Down, Calm Down
I quite enjoy the brook-side accent laugh
Hi all kiss Jim kiss

thumbs up

...and I enjoy accent too... my accent.

I have them 5 snooty

thumbs up
laugh MADDOG that secret is one of our national treasures.
Board Failte will have ya cleaning Poitin bottles in the Leprechauns Rainbow factory if ye dont hold yer wisht
gosh non, i thought everyone had a leprechaun in Ireland laugh
@ MD, who's voice was thatsmitten
I love most accents...(if I can understand them!) andlove Scottish, Irish, and Texan...Those from Oz is great too since my mum was from Brisbane....Detroit is fun....
I enjoyed reading Jim thanks for sharing.
As for other particular accents i enjoy.
Have you heard Korean accent? Made by Hyundai.
nice ride though.confused
lol. Mine happy.
Lovely hurling Jim beer
Jim, growing up we had similar characters in every small suburb...and they were special characters, who added value, color, spice & a bit of fun to life! smoking

In fact these "special characters" were honored by E.V. Lucas with his poem dedicated to them....fellas! thumbs up

idea And if memory serves me correct, it goes like this...

Every village has its Jack, but no village ever had quite so fine a Jack as ours:
So picturesque,
And lovable a Jack as ours

More...doh ...memory fades...sigh

E.V. Lucas
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