Testing 1 2 3

For several days now
my usual path into this website
has not been there.

I found another way in
and want to see if this blog will post.

I can still read other blogs.
However, it seems that everyone's picture is gone.

Is this site out of business now ?
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No Jim you didn't find a new way in it's just back cheering laugh wave
well look like cs back .... most of cser in here wonder what's happen

but cs back yay
Yeah, Jim, we are back....I tell everybody. laugh hug teddybear
hello hello glad to see this site is back up... i tried to find a back way in but no luck then i thought i had been banned sure glad i'am not,,, it should be interesting to find out what everyone has been doing with there time with this site down should make for some good blogs wave wave
Server issues Jim, welcome back all wave
Hurray ! applause It's back & fully functional.
I think I fixed it !! professor
rolling on the floor laughing
Jim, maybe that's it confused you're the server now wow don't fancy your electric bills from now on laugh rolling on the floor laughing

I'm glad it's back. I sure would have missed all of you!
to all bouquet
wave good to see u again
Excellent work Jim thumbs up

While I know there are SOME doubters
(There will always be those),
I figured out a way to get in here
via a different method.

There were digital demons & devils running around
messing with the software. devil

But, I pulled out my trusty code book, Excaliber,
and whacked every one of them, one by one. applause

No need to thank me. Jest send money. rolling on the floor laughing
Jim, I've got to hand it to you, you seem to have got the clock going as well now laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh
Er, the clock above shows I was here first, in the usual manner. laugh
I waited long enough for the technicians to fix things,
but it was clear that they were losing the battle.
It was an emergency.
This site was about to be lost for good......or worse. confused

Anyway, I found the nearest phone booth
(do you know how hard it is to find a phone booth these days ?)
and presto... super

When I discovered the extent of the actual need...
I realized something truly big was needed.
So, I whipped it out grin

Excaliber, my trusty esoteric code book of ancient lore.
It took me almost 3 minutes to extinguish each of the
digital demons. But, I knew you people were counting on me. teddybear
Was in the process of leading a march to CS H/O.....help

Embedded image from another site

Parti did it! He confessed to me today!

"I told You I would Fix the Gits and even Warned them !!!..."
7 emoticons here! laugh rolling on the floor laughing
hi , for a while there it wanted me to install the 2012 server program into my computer ....and run CS From my computer , I'm glad I didn't have to ...banana banana
and all I could get was cashed pages ......banana
Thanks Jim cheers
Were back, isn't that great newsapplause applause
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