Wisdom: Obtained over a lifetime

It's been a while, . . but I want to offer some wise words, and a little bit of wisdom to any males out there, who are trying to find that Perfect Woman. professor

Although, I have known hundreds and hundreds, of little ladies, . .intimately, passionately, and ultimately sensually over the past few decades, . .I can remember back when it once was difficult to walk up and approach, let alone ask a woman out on a date. blushing

So my advice for guys is to always think about the few little words, that every woman, . . . (and I mean, Each and EVERY woman) is longing to hear,
deep inside her heart smitten mind, body, and sensual little soul angel

and if the man is sincere and true when he speaks these few little words, while looking Deep, Intently, and Penetratingly Intensely, into his loving mate's eyes, . . . kiss

then he will soon awaken the wondrous rapture, passion, and Sensuality that has been hidden deep within her Soul, . . . heart wings

behind years of Walls and defenses that she has managed to build, throughout her tormultuous years,
. . dealing with the male species. . . very mad

and now, . .those few words, shall be revealed, . . . and they are: hug

ok, ok, ok, , , , , We're taking you, Shoe Shopping, tonight, . . . . . b*tch. cheering and " Money, . . is no object" dancing
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"Hey, gorgeous, where have you been all my life?"heart beating
With sweet talking like that I'd have put you down as being Australian laugh rolling on the floor laughing beer
Not going to work on me....hate shoe shopping so have only one pair for summer and one for winter and hope they last a couple of years so I need not shop for new ones soon.
Who are you talking to Nick?
Ummmm, I think I am "wise" enough to know the answer to that one...

Aljester hasn't really found out what to say to that "perfect woman", even when looking "deep, intently and penetratingly intensely into her loving eyes"...dunno
He is just waiting for us, women, to give him some tips..cool

Aljester, do you really want to know what we, women, would like to hear from our "perfect man" in order to awaken the "wondrous rapture, passion, and sensuality that has been hidden deep within our soul?....hug

I'll tell you next time as it is past my bedtime now and have a date with my pillowwave teddybear
May I suggest beginning with, hello?
I'm afraid your advice would not work on me...I prefer doing my shoe-shopping alone and I have my own cash, thank you very much. tongue Now, if we were talking diamonds.....grin
Why, my Sweet, Little, Darlin Dizzy,

If I had known your favorite was Diamonds doh

i would of dashed across the Atlantic, in my, dashing, debonair , . . . little speed boat, and climbed the tallest darn, daunting, mountain in South Africa, and dug those delightful, dazzling, little Diamonds out of the Ground, with my very bare, Hands, . . . cool

and, . . I would have Cut them heart shaped heart1 perfectly to fit, each one of your five, fine, firm fingers, and then one for each toe, .

.and Finish with One Fine, Firm, Flawless Cut, for that Sweet little tummy, and Belly Button cheering
Oh My! wow Such sweet words to kindle my affections, aJester. flirty I am all a-quiver. blushing
Pray do not stop, for I grow weak with longing.......But before you carry me away on your swift wings of desire: Just how many carats are we talking about?: grin
laugh laugh laugh
Alas, . . . My Sweet, Divine, Delicate, Delightful, Darlin, Dizzzy wow

At last, A beautiful woman, with brains, as well, as such Sweet, Sensual, Beauty doh

A Woman with such a delightful repartee, and such a deep, passionate desire, for innocent, playful, and ever so witty, Banter, dancing

I am beside myself, for this is the closest I have ever been to true nirvana, yay . . and this must also be a pre-cursor, to the fantasies, of the perfections of heaven, Above, angel . . . . . that I have so longed for, during my Endless Search, . . .

So now, as you must be growing Extremely Weak, in the knees, with your Quivering longing, and Passionate, Rapturous, Desires, . . . love

Not to mention, that Sexy little Body cheering

I have but One Question, upon my trembling lips, which runs rampant and untamed, through my mind , . . Which I pray, you would answer, with the utmost Honesty, and Haste, . . . as my sanity, my soul, and my Entire reason for being, . . . Depend solely, on your response::professor:

How many Carats, Does it usually take? , . . . To get on Your Good Side?
and thanks for the Advice, Mr. Ken,

But out of the last hundred women, I went up to with "Just" a simple Hello roll eyes

They all replied, . . . with a very simple, . . "Goodbye" comfort
Well Sweet Darlin Ekself,

You're gonna make some guy, . . .a very, very, very happy husband yay
Well, My Sweet, little Minny,

I guess you're gonna keep me waitin till mornin yawn

and by the way, . . when did you start callin that big, mean, tatooed guy, . . . . by the nickname, . . "Pillow"? sigh
Actually, Mr. Mountain,
You know how those Aussies are, . . . professor

They skip the small talk, .. . . and go straight for the, . . . XXXXX (censored) dunno
Good morning dear little Ajesterangel

" Well, My Sweet, little Minny,"... Are you talking to me sweet angel?

"I guess you're gonna keep me waitin till morning... "???
Yes, your are right. It is a lovely morning here in Spain and I got up at the crack of dawn to answer you specially!

..."and by the way, . . when did you start callin that big, mean, tatooed guy, . . . . by the nickname, . . "Pillow[/i"

"Big, mean tatooed guy"?? I did not know he had tatooes? Do you mean Zmountain?... Could I detect some sign of jealousy here?confused

"Pillow", ummmm... Yes, before answering questions, we, women, we usually have to "sleep on it"...dancing

I am afraid that I shall have to keep you waiting a little bit longer as this is not an easy answer what you are asking for...doh

Actually, what you said to..(?) about going all the way to South Africa and dig some diamonds for her doesn't sound bad to me.teddybear lips
Sweet Darlin Minny,
was very surprised with you uh oh

Before answering questions, we, women, we usually have to "sleep on it".. confused

Oh my goodness . . dear sweet Minny, . . . What do you mean by, . . "IT"? , . . blushing

Actually, what you said to..(?) about going all the way to South Africa and dig some diamonds for her doesn't sound bad to me

and now, it appears that all my little women, cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering are going to be expecting me to Dig Dazzling Diamonds, . . for them too. doh
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