Blondes? . . . Brunetts?, or an occasional, snappy

Blondes? . . . Brunetts?, or an occasional, snappy little RedHead?

What's Your Preference? , . . smitten cool smitten smitten cheering
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Mmmm! I'll have to ask, Mr. Svengoolie.confused
@ aJester22 - Only 3 options.... dunno what are we supposed to do with only 3 options.... hair on Girls comes in all colours of the rainbow and there is no guarantee it will still be the same colour a week later.... confused cool .... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
What is wrong with white or gray hair then mister? laugh
I'm a proud bearer of the white crown we women seams to get in aging... But it is my color and I love it.applause applause
Nice try taco bell..

Why not all 3?

@ Welela!

Give the young man a break. When I was his age "gray" didn't even come into my mind. But now? Viva el Color Gris!!!!
I like the Rigellan slave girl look. Green all over. There is one here on CS. I also like the Andorians, they are blue. None on CS yet though. Some day..
aJester ! You really should know better! A rose is still a rose no matter what colour its petals display scold grin
Hi aJester! Nicest is blond. I was blond for a long time. Now I have a dark colour for a change.

Walela, you should have the courage to change. Don't be afraid of a little colour. It's a small thing that can approve alot of one's lookings. Anyhow, it's everyone's right to decide! But you shouldn't withdraw from small miracles that cause a nice change.angel2 popcorn wave
Im colorblind but I do see shape and curves laugh
Didn't know you used braille when colour-blind, Dedovix. wow laugh laugh
LadyDiz rolling on the floor laughing
How about all three mixed into one, and see what color comes out
doh doh
Dedovix, your killing merolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
How do you know which colour is natural? Many women change their hair colour regularly and it makes no difference to their personality whatsoever.
Can't they just dye their hair, or wear a wig?
Does not matter to me a lovely woman is a lovely women.
I prefer big burly redheads myself, blue eyes, nice accent, fumanchu and goatee, just enough cheek to kiss and just enough facial hair to tickle me.

What's with this "snappy little redhead" tripe? grin
Hi Mister Ken, wave

I just wanted to let you know, that you had the one correct answer, . . professor

As a matter of Fact, I love all my little Rigellan slave girls, green skin, blue skin, and in-between . . just as long, as I can see a whole LOT of skin. dancing

In fact, the more skin I see wow , the more I like it. yay

thanks for your comment handshake
Dear Sweet Darlin Janie, cheering

Over time, I have found a very unique, Definitive, and absolute way, . . to find out a woman's true, . . Natural Hair color, . . . professor

But seeing as we're in mixed company, I'd rather tell you privately, . . blushing
and, Sweet Darlin, Callin Girl,

I know full well, that not all the little ladies, around the world, aren't exactly Gorgeous Goddesses, . . professor


if I ever met a burly little lady, with red hair, blue eyes, a fumanchu, goatee, and just enough facial hair to tickle me, . . smitten uh oh

I think I would have to Quit CS, . . .forever doh
"Mmmmm... Jeeeester," she growls... I have a plan: Suppose you grow the fumanchu and goatee and I'll supply the softly muscled little redhead? batting You look like you grow some lovely facial hair and, with the color of hair on your head, I am reckoning there's some red in that chin stubble... Oh! Huhoh, that's right, you're "taken". Mmmmm... pity that... I mean, "GOOD for you (and Mrs. Jester.") grin
is there an issue with redheads? hmmm
I just like being me....LOL!!
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