Dedicated to my Friends
¤ Rain Is Irritating If you getting
Wet Alone.
¤ Movies Are A Waste If The seats
Beside you are vacant.
¤ Pizza Is jst Some Junk Food If
There are No More than A Pair Of
Hands Picking It Up.
¤ Love Is Just A Bad Feeling wen
It's One Sided.
¤ Beach Is d Dirtiest Place To Visit
--- No Matter hw Short Life Is Live
It With Ur Beloved Frends..
Share Every Second...
Don't Miss The Chance Of Being
It Might Never Come Again..
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I'm very simple person i like everything around me In MUSIC I like songs with more than one sentence and some classical; I love nature and its creatures and try to help the one in front. i dont have any attitude. [read more]

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