Why do I even bother being here?
I get emailed by men in the middle eastern countries who don't make sense, asking for green cards. The few men in the states, insult me. Everyone in the chat room insults me, and guys with brains only want Playboy centerfold look-a-likes. What the hell is wrong with this place?
Did being nice somehow get outlawed, and nobody told me?
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a**hole everywhere!! very mad BTW, do you have 10 bucks? grin
I don't know hon
WTF... I write a s s h o l e s and CS turns it into a**hole!
You'd think this was a free country steff,
rolling on the floor laughing
Beautiful, yeah, it's as fr** as f*ck laugh Hope you are doin' well.
chat to every one at the same time yeah its crazy and stupidlaugh rolling on the floor laughing
They actually ask you for a green card?

We men get emails from gorgeous women 40 years younger than us who are looking for men 30 to 80 and they want kids someday. confused
I don't even waste my time answering them cause they are all fake.
because of all the scammers here ,I dont date or any thing here , only here to write blogs or poerty ....or friends only wave wave
Take a break, its clear that this place is getting to you!
happy, I'll never forgive you for driving daniel away frustrated
You have to be thick skinned to be on these sites to take criticism, if not maybe you need a break like Happy saiddunno dunno
tip hat Hey! Has anybody seen Chame1eon? Tell her to phone home. Hola!. . . buddies
How do you mean insult you. Seems fair that the good guys wants foxes because the standards of the women are so high on this site it is ridiculous.
as u wish steffdancing
Chin up, soquiliquay, I have been on here for about four years...I think....scammers, oldfarts or a random Irishman that likes to talk about his c*
angel Nonsmoker has kidnapped her...conversing wave
wow Luke: Naw! While that, cant be. Are you for real. Prove it! . . . rolling on the floor laughing
Just blog with us and have fun!
Block Arabia then and as ED said just try to have fun
What ooby-dooby said, except the women who write me want me up to age 99, and I can be between 3' - 8' tall. They so discriminating. laugh

Seriously young lady, don't waste your time opening your emails or searching here. Just c'mon up here to the top of the mountain, the blogs, and join in, like u doing. We got some crazies here who believe their doctors are part of the CIA conspiracy against them, and the medicine is really poison and shouldn't be swallowed, but we also got some durn good people here too.

Hmm, checked your profile out. Got your athame? Can't be a decent wiccan without an athame.. Us Druids, we use daggers, they are cheaper than athames because they don't have a fancy name. :)

Wuz wrong with Playboy centerfolds? I have two of them on my FB page. Nice ladies with college degrees.. Good personalities, smart, nice to look at too, and also earning more than I do. :)

The chat room is a waste of time. Post some stuff here and down stairs in the forum. The decent folk will find you and write back too.. You can judge the quality of what you seek/find by what they write. You can even google some of our handles and see what we wrote that way.

Don't worry if he has a jail record, rather instead evaluate what it was for. My wife was a Freedom Rider, got arrested at least once doing that. J. Edgar himself didn't care and interviewed her personally for a job in his front office a few years later. I agree with his decision to not let that bobble matter a durn.

Smoking, yeah if you allergic. Otherwise.., why do you care? Personal choice, and even now much less controversial than Wiccan. LoL.

Old Navaho Police Department joke/truism. All white folk claim to be part Cherokee. No one wants to be Arapahoe or Navaho or Ilonquin. Why Hollywood love Cherokee so much? Do you have a BIA tribal ID card?

I don't know about being local to WI. I am sure there may be men from there on CS, but oooo they are the quiet type.

Me? No, I am not looking.

Why do you think you are a vampire? That the Hollywood TV thing again? LoL. At least you are not a zombie. :)

Anyhoo, this is the first time I am seeing you on the blogs, so even if it is just because I missed you the last time, since I haven't done so yet, WELCOME!!!

wave cswelcome hug
Okay. Now I feel dumb. Finally scrolled to the right and see you have many blogs here. Just somehow I missed them all. Mea Culpa (one of my favorite sayings here). I am reading them now and soon will know your insides. :)
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