Three, Blond Maids

Question? If you had, three Passionately Sensual, alluring and erotically, playful, and very, very Impishly Shy, . blond maids, . . . .. . one French, one Asian, and one American, . . . . cheering . . . . cheering . . . cheering , . . and they all looked extremely similar, . . . . in the Nude,

wow . . . . . . . . . . . . . smitten . . smitten . . smitten

What is the Best way, to tell them Apart, . . . . from a distance? dunno
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f*ck, I don't know. Why care to tell them apart anyways? dunno
Why would I want to tell them apart and why are they so distant dunno

I could call them by name Provided I knew the names conversing
throw some cold water on them and they all will exclaim in their native languages.
That's not a bad idea, but careful there; you don't want to piss them off laugh

Why do they have to be blonde, couldn't they be brunettesdunno dunno
I actually think throwing hot water would really piss them offvery mad very mad very mad
Lucid dreams.... for sure
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