love have no age....

Someone asked the Boy "U Married A Girl Elder Than U, Why?" He Showed Him A Calendar N Said "A Week Has 7 Days; Can U Say Which Day Is Younger, Either Sunday Or Saturday ?? So, Love Comes From Heart Not In Age" Love Has No Age..teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
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Right on, right on. thumbs up cheers
It’s not a taboo now! I myself had experience! However, any relationship keeps a “but…” with it! JMO!
older women can be fun as know what they want, but at my age women older than me are are not very interested in much any more.
Love is seldom enough to overcome major differences between people. Age is one of those things that makes a relationship very risky. Most of the time you run out of love before very long. It is unfortunately human beings doing the loving and most of them are not very good at that.

I somewhat agree that love should not be about age, but if the other person is young enough to be your child, then it makes a difference.
novel-ish and impractical. thumbs down
Accordin to me I think a guy always MUST be older than a girl,as a man is the head of the family and I as a woman will respect him, professor dunno
You are truly right....

I prefer a men who are much older then me.

so.... love comes from heart not in age...

I agree with GoDaniel. It is too akward to be with a guy who is in his 20's as two of my children are and then be with a man who is old enough to be my daddy or grandpa. Everyone has their preferences and thoughts about it. Not too mention it would be akward for my kids too if the guy was their age!!! I like guys around my age. I'm looking for maturity and settled. Without looking at the guy thinking he was old enough to father me.
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