NOTICE: I "Gave Up" finding my One, True, Soulmate

I have returned, . . to the Good Graces, of the LORD angel

I am totally ready, willing, and able to hear your confessions, . . . yay

and Offer Forgiveness for All your past sins comfort

so for all you evil, wicked, naughty little sinners, out there, . . scold

Especially, all you drunken, mischievous, over-sexed, Naughty Little CS Ladies, , . . lips cheering smitten lips smitten smitten cheering cheering

Who Want Forgiveness for your SINS of:

Drinking to Excess drinking drinking : wine drinking cheers drinking

Partying to Excess cheering banana cheering banana applause cheering
Over-Sexed to Excess lips heart beating lips devilsmitten lips lips heart beating

I am now Ready, . .To hear your Confession professor
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I thought you were "Not single and Not looking" or I'd have confessed long ago that I think you are the cat's pajamas, Dude... batting cool teddybear
I wish to receive forgiveness for the following sins:

*Laughing inappropriately at others...just for the hell of it (and the laughs)

*Hacking into my daughter's FB account to send myself messages of praise, gratitude, and respect...thereby
allowing others to see the fantastic mother I am (well she wasn't doing it tongue

*For running in the hall with scissors (I could've poked my eye out) dancing

*Opening and closing the refrigerator door to watch the light come on devil

*For running IN and OUT...IN and OUT, thereby not staying IN OR OUT;

*For acting like I was raised in a barn yay

And, finally, for growing up to become my parents...and having a kid just like me (they said
I would deserve it) angel

As to other "excesses" I confess I haven't had any and apologize profusely!

(Cute blog) rolling on the floor laughing
I've been looking for some time trying to find some mischief I could get into round here that would be worth confessing to, nothing so far but I live in hope sigh beer
Z, you are scaring us all off with the sheep dip! laugh bouquet (But I still love that mustache and goatee! As to the dip, you go first and maybe I'll join you therein.) batting
laugh Ajester: Nothing at the moment. But! Bless you my child. . .rolling on the floor laughing
CC, I did offer to warm it up, what more can I do confused moping wine
Z, you go in first and if you don't shiver and shrivel, MAYbe I'll chance it. wink (MuHUHUhuHAhahahahaaaaa...) grin Mean, aren't I... Please don't try this at home, folks. cool
Funny blog and great responses! Let's have some fun today!!! Dangit!
blushing Ajester: Where are you? Did you go on, into hell? Let us know something hun!. .. comfort
Well...can't confess to any of the things you mention! But...I do throw some of my daughters stuff out! Well she doesn't use or wear after 6mths it goes...she not even noticed! And..when I there was that time I told someone I stuffed olives for a living! are not TOOO bad really are they?angel
I am an angel sent from above dressed in red with horns on my head
devil devil
Just kidding!!laugh laugh
Given up???? Then find a shoulder to cry on.rolling on the floor laughing
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