Dreams of Ideal Gifts and Wishes. Dreams CAN come

Inspired by Momo's blog.

Said Me.

Seeing that this is the season to be merry etc. what would your perfect gift to someone special be? This blog is meant purely for fun, so you can go over-board to an extent.

Give or receive love?

Secondly what would you really like to receive as a perfect gift with no holds barred on extravagance etc. This is after-all just semi-realistic dreams.

Or even,,,,

OR maybe THIS????

You ask me what I want
You ask me what I need
It's nothing you can buy
My heart's not ruled by greed

I don't love a diamond
Diamond's you see through
I want you to hold me
I want you to be true

'Gift Of Love' by Bette Midler.

Comments (36)


honey baby......i want 20 bottles of wine baby...laugh wink

nothing more and nothing less.....lips bouquet kiss daydream
@Luke....I wish for something that makes my heart beat that little bit faster and has power and speed to match....
....please please Santa...I have really been a good girl all year.....laugh wine
wave C, its in the post.

Btw what will you be giving to the special friend?dunno confused grin
wave wow,,, I can only offer at this time isssss....


But after I sell my bricks I'll buy something similar to yours..grin
Wow Luke ....if I get my wish this year I don't mind sharing with you....rolling on the floor laughing
Look I already have the keys....Im just waiting for the rest now...sigh
if it were two decades ago i could have said it is pamela anderson ( that i would like to receive as a gift ). laugh tongue
its my name Sir laugh
Your request has been submitted by thought post.roll eyes AJ my friend,handshake and what would you GIVE to that someone special in your life?...dunno
@ Kitty, you are too kind, but just remember - Promises puts one in Debt. I'll be waitingdancing laugh
@ Momo,wave You must remember that we are all winners, and it just depends on how you see yourself at the 'fininsh' line. This is a 'make believe' blog so just let rip with what you want and what ul give...wine

Winner is a winner is a winner...

** finish frustrated
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
No man, be serious far a change.
My stomach is sore from all the laughing.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I prefer the last one. LOL. I want to blog about it if ready. From time square, I want to say Merry Xmas for all. wave wine
You've given me an excellent Christmas gift already, I just love it when the bull gets it's own back banana laugh beer
handshake Cat,,, what can I get you,,, newspaper?

Luke, handshake
humm.. the philosopher Jagger once said, 'You can't always get what you want."laugh

Merry Christmas to you !! cheers
wave Cyn,,, you have always been such an inspiration to all on the blogs, thanks for the wishes and the same to you lovely lady.

handshake Zman, I fetched that bull in Madrid. It knows its business. Wishing you well my friendhandshake
handshake Bogart, great to see you my friend and all the very best to you too. cheers

I'm just wanting a new bathroom with a lil more privacy...moping

This lady does'nt want to stop oogling me...blushing
more porn damnit... thats not enought !laugh doh
wine Lukie: You are my favorite fan. . . Merry Christmas!
wine Lukie: You are my favorite fan. . . Merry Christmas!
Bog,,,yes I see that you noticed this too moping Some just never show respect,,,neversigh

That seems to be a support the theory...laugh
angel Thank you for the offer but my fan is going at full-speed here, its sweltering hot..
Luke hi

great blog as always hug

I wish you a most wonderful Christmas holidays Luke and for 2014 , may the new year bring you much happiness and contentment hug wine
Merry Christmas! I like your first picture, being somewhere near beach, maybe sharing glass of rad wine and feeding each other with spoon full of cake -enjoy romance, that is part of giving and receiving, loll. To hold and to be true - nice dream, loll. hug angel2
laugh Lukie: I didnt offer you anything. You didnt read it right. Anyway! Planes, Traines, Tvs, phones and other dreams of any. Is at: { Deal Dash. com }
wave Seren, your compliments always hit the 'spot' thanks. I hope that all your wishes and dreams come true in the New Year too. Have a fantastic Christmas.wine
you're very welcome Luke ,

you are a joy on the blogs -don't ever change dear man hug

Thankyou so much for your Christmas and new year greetings Luke -I appreciate them so very much hug wine
wave enigma, I agree and without dreams we might as well just be robots. This pic is quite special too.. cos once there are stars in your eyes then burning the food is ok too..laugh
angel ,, thanks so much for the info. handshake I'll put my PA onto it right away.
Thanks to one and all for joining in this fun blog. May everyones wishes all come true and may you all have a joyous Christmas with a healthy prosperous New Year.

God Bless.
Hope you have a Great Christmas Lukehandshake beer santa
It might sound soppy, but some of the most important things is something money can't buy. I know a lot of people where health is on top of the wish list. sad

As for myself, if money is no objection, I would like to have a browse and pick something of daft.ie wink

Happy Christmas everybody. santa waving
Lukeon,good bog and I love all your nice pictures.It sounds romantic but I don't like burning food, rather using multy skill and doing well all at one's by keeping one eye on cooking or TV show,or movie,loll. Just joking, it's better to concentrate on one "job" at the time, loll. laugh hug
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