I am so tired of all the scammers!!! That is all I seem to get on these
site. All I wonted was to meet some one nice. HA! HA! Cab any one tell me how to stop them or at least slow them down?help very mad
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Hello and welcome.
I'm sure Virgo will be along with his Guide book soon laughwave
rolling on the floor laughing Lyn: Yeah! Just block out USA & Africa. hehe! {Jk!} wave Lyn: . . Welcome To The Blogs!
Thanks but that has not worked yet..confused
You cant get rid of them just block them and dont go peeking at the mails they send you. block and report or ignore them.conversing
look at it from the bright side....your popular!!!...what an ego boost!!!...just don't send them money!!
Ha!HA! Money what is money?grin grin They just waste my time..
My advice?

Open a special yahoo mailbox and play along with them; pretend to be madly in love and promise them the world. Demand more pics when they ask for money and always think of a new excuse why it did not arrive. Blame your secretary, blame the bank, just blame anybody. Eventually they will get fed up and you will get on their black list.

They seldom trouble me any more.rolling on the floor laughing

Never ever phone them.
Never give any personal info.
Never try to meet them.
Thanks for your comments!!!!!
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