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Those laying down the law are doing the crime

Those laying down the law all the time, are doing the crime.

this pisces bloke on the corner, dealing in drugs, luring young girls to his place. getting paid, to watch the people in this road, but he is the only one doing crime.
but he gets to be judge.

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Tell them to stop , you seem reasonable grin
Oh and your perfect are you hippo.
How about those fire arm's you got that are on the street ?.
Is your girlfriend still in jail for macing some one ?.
She took one your guns to ??.

And your where weeping thinking if you should continue breaking the law.
How would you know ir was a cop ??.
Ever think he could be under cover for hes very public about his dealing.
He could be anyone.

Very few police cross the line..But not most of them.
Its a tempting line to cross but dont say all of them are cross it.
Most law enforces do a job that most cant do.
Who are you to going to call when your bleeding out ??
Id walk over hypocrites like you.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing scold rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing handshake

If you don't like it there, why don't you move? dunno

You're not a tree..! mumbling
Hey bro, just think of how crappie this South Africans life must be....rolling on the floor laughing

"BOU DIE NASIE!" ....Niks daar.... Mnr T dunno

Hey, you mean the video doesn't show? It works with me . Its a good one T.rolling on the floor laughing handshake
HAHA I just got what you meanrolling on the floor laughing I think he meant the 'nasie' in Afghanistan...laugh
The truth hurts Tango.

Police force people into crime, cause they stalk and bully the wrong people all the time, stopping them, questioning them, questioning everysingle place they go to, delving into how much money they have etc, stealing thier possesions, killing them, covering things up. making them very angry.
this in turn, brings complete hatred towards them.

they only help the corrupt, and come to their aid, thats all they do in my opinion.
They disarm the innocent, so they cant defend themselves and sell the weapons.
My girlfriend maced someone, cause jealous a...... like you beat the s... out of her all the time, for having peronality.
your law stinks.
daniellangeveldedie, dont you ever work, cause you seem to be on here 24 hours a day, but I guess not, you just steal legally.
Wht, There is nothing worse than goons with power and worst of all they always take advantage of the innocent folksscold
So nice of your concern for mesmitten but yes Ido work, but Fridays , Saturday , and Sundays are my day off , but I tend to volunteer at a nursing home when I am off. So glad I can open up to you , haven't stolen nothing in such along time , perhaps I should invest in endeavors with you teddybear
Oh ok, down here, they just kill and dehumanise you. the ones with the badge and guns, have the power to abuse and do what they like I guess.
sorry to the Australian bloke, guess maybe its different there.
Tango...did you pick that name from the movie Tango and Cash(the 2 cowboy cops)???

if I am to ask myself why women and men feel the need to carry guns and mace for protection...then I would say that the law enforcement agencies aren't up to the job.
my observation is that the majority of cops go after easy unnecessary targets and are afraid to Tango with the real criminals.
As for drug dealers dealing openly...why wouldn't they when there's no one to stop them???
The elite cops may be somewhat different,they are elite cause they wanta fight the real fight,but they are few in numbers.

btw...where's Cash at??? (lol)
Oh, talking about miss Sexy.
Well, hopefully coming on sunday for a bathtub and ice-cream. thats if the big fat cop doesnt arrest her for walking here.
Well, to bath me atleast.
Not long ago, I had 3 in the bath with me.
wish I could find the photos.

But then the cops arrived in town and took and spoilt all the fun.
Now the town is like Alcatraz. you got to try find a gap to get out, when the cops are sleeping, but they never sleep.

they watch what and who comes into the town, and what goes out.

they also blackmail and intimidate all the nice girls to have s.. with them.

and Im on the hitlist. well, and they are on mine, if they dont kill me soon, well, even if they do. my kommandoes are keeping track of every murder.
this will be avenged one day.
but, my kommandoes are in a different town for now.

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