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What does the state do once theyve stolen everybod

What do the state and police do once theyve arrested all the non-corrupt, layed charges of money laundering and corruption against them, put them in jail or whatever.
where do they steal from then. I mean this has to run out, surely.
I mean if they are going to prosecute and steal from the same personality types all the time, doesnt the whole economy collapse eventually, and world anarchy, or what happens.

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uh oh where there now economy collapsegrin anarchy throught out the worldmoping help I think they will start to arrest each other sir bobby this does of course mean they will crawl up each others bumrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Global economy is based on consumerism and Debt. Governments don't create the Economy, unless they are at war, Greed and Corruption is only a byproduct of freewill devil
If left unchecked and unchallenged, the Bastards would have us all black bagged and "Completely" Enslaved

Thats what " Will" happen wink
well they are winning, anyone that speaks the truth or just looks like they might, either dissappears, locked up, or killed.
and all they do, is throw a corruption and money laundering charge, and they sure overdo it to, just to make it look so real.
then they either steal, fine, or do that and throw you in prison.

see it all the time here.
including myself. I cant even go for walk, and within 2 minutes, Ive got a van on my back. or questions asked.

If I draw money Im corrupt, If I design a painting, a product, fine, no problem, but if it makes any money, its simply pinched, not allowed, or proceeds investigated for corruption.

I mean, they simply just turning us into vegetables.

or maybe its just an unwritten rule now here, against a certain .... I wont say.
moping oh dear me you are an unhappy bunny now listen to easter bonnet mummy, start to view things with rose coloured specs or you will spend your life in misery---is it worth itpeace yay
People will find this scary and hard to process ...

oh, ye, my man from Serbia will know.
Ill try look at the video when I get more megabytes.
as for the west. well, they dont have worries, they live on welfare, if they are prevented from earning a living.
Ok dude, what's up with the hat and shades? cool confused
i think they call it russia,lol.big money gets a pass here,buy off elected officials/money to run for office,etc.

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