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In some countries they dont allow ambition or inte

In some countries they dont allow ambition, intellectuals or intelligence, entrepeneurship or allow one to think for themselves.
so, you must just live for the now and exist and accept, that is the way it is.
They prefer to have a military state, and production lines industry only, make you the children and you have to adapt accordingly.
Guess thats why they say its only the USA that is the land freedom, creativity of opportunity, or at least it used to be and if you cant make it there, you wont make it anywhere.

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Well, suppose you got to wait for the handouts, not allowed to create it yourself, otherwise its money laundering and corruption etc.
oh well, guess we will have to end up like the poor ethiopians did and hope the Americans come drop food and grain for us.
Yeah from what your saying im glad i live in my country,we have a few snakes and feral cats but for the most part a great place. Ambition breeds greed you know and im not sure that is intelligence dunno
You cant go for a blimming p.. here, and its theft and corruption.
ridiculous these days.
cops even sit outside your doorstep. park on the corner and try see if they can catch you for something, whilst they and a nigerian run a blimming underage prostition ring outside the hotel for the truck drivers passing through.

oh boy.
for one mans wealth to rise another's must fall, and for one mans fruits to be plentiful another must starve. Americans can live in excess because their country causes whats happening in your country. with DEBT. they force a country into debt. watch this video on youtube and youl be more informed. zeitgeist.
It used to be. Before the election of the kenyan. Now we are a nation divided between those who bow to the religion of wealth distribution, communism, abortion and PC (not the computer type) vs those who (now) illegally uphold the beliefs of the founders of this country, which includes the fact that GOD alone bestows inalienable rights (including freedom) upon mankind. MANKIND has NEVER recognized the inherent freedom of mankind as evidenced by history itself.
Shuffelin, you have just recreated the definition of INFORMED! rolling on the floor laughing

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